Native Instruments & Sonuscore Released Mallet Flux – Sequenced Based Instrument For Kontakt 6 Player!

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Native Instruments & Sonuscore Mallet Flux is a new virtual instrument for Kontakt 6 Player that allows to create percussive sequences!

Native Instruments & Sonuscore has released today Mallet Flux, a new percussive virtual instrument for Kontakt 6 & Kontakt 6 Player. It features tonal mallet percussions including glockenspiel, celesta, xylophone, vibraphone and marimba.

All this is built-in a new creative Kontakt interface that allows uses to create instantly intricate sequences.

Native Instruments & Sonuscore Mallet Flux


MALLET FLUX features an innovative sequencer and playing engine that helps generate ideas fast, turning the simplest drafts into evocative arrangements for soundtracks, scores, and more. It helps composers, producers, and other musicians start creating right away. Users can begin with 270 predesigned arpeggios, sequences, and single hits in multi-instrument arrangements. These presets can be fully modified to produce completely new patterns. Users can also take advantage of innovative Flux Engine pattern automation to create complex rhythmic phrases and arrangements by playing simple chords.

With intuitive mixing controls, MALLET FLUX lets users adjust the balance of instruments and add effects, including enhanced effects introduced with KONTAKT 6. MALLET FLUX also offers new high-quality room, hall, and plate reverbs that allow users to place instruments in a variety of sonic spaces. Through complex multi-effect chains, users can transform acoustic tuned percussion sounds into cinematic pads, drones, and other unique tones.

MALLET FLUX draws from pristine recordings of mallet percussion instruments, captured in a high-quality studio by the sampling experts at SONUSCORE. This award-winning team has worked on more than 2,000 projects in the videogame, TV, and film industry.

Native Instruments Mallet Flux is available now for 199€/$199 USD /£159 GBP.

More information here: Native Instruments

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