The RectangularThing By TINRS Is A Complete Synthesizer Voice For Eurorack!

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The RectangularThing by TINRS is analog, colourful and a new complete Synthesizer voice for Eurorack with an unique sound character!

TINRS has recently launched many very colourful Eurorack modules with unique features, each covering a specific area: envelope, LFO, sequencer… For some months now, images and information about a complete synth voice have appeared at synth forums, also in the same best-known design. On Superbooth and at Dutch Modular Fest this year then there was more information about this module.

The RectangularThing is a complete Synthesizer that features everything you need to start making music with your first Eurorack synth. It comes with two analog oscillators, high and low pass filters, two VCA’s, mixer, two envelopes and additional modulation options on each section. The interesting point here is it’s based on the re-issued Curtis chips that guarantee a fat analog sound.

At first glance, the module looks a bit unsettling, as classic synth voices puts loads on the market from different companies. But it ges more complex and interesting if you look at the backside where other features are hidden. At the back side of the module, it’s possible to modify the synth engine. More precisely, users can change the function of the !?!?!” knobs.

!?!?! knobs on RectangularThing are there for you to decide. These knobs control the output of the sub-oscillators and you can change that Thing. By rearranging the jumpers on the back you can select if the top oscillator has either a sub-oscillator or a Rambler oscillator (jumper at SubOsc 1) and for the bottom oscillator you can decide on having a Rambler, sub-oscillator or a sawpulse (jumper at SubOsc 2).

What Is The Rambler?

Our RectangularThing has a unique way of making rich analog waveforms based on sub-oscillation with our Rambler. Rambler is a combination between two oscillators – it uses a sub-oscillator to switch very quickly between oscillator 1 and oscillator 2 on every sub-oscillator transition.  We have also created a ‘sawpulse’ which is an oscillator that alternates between saw and pulse cycles creating a new waveform.

Customizable Filter & Sync Settings

It’s also possible to change the filter settings on the backside: You can also select the order of highpass and lowpass filtering by adjusting the Filters jumper. Also it includes a switch on the interface for switching between different oscillator sync modes : The SYNC switch toggles between soft / off / hard synchronisation of both oscillators in your  RectangularThing.  The top oscillator is the basis for the bottom oscillator to sync to. When the switch is in the hard sync position, the starting point of a new cycle of the top oscillator forces the bottom oscillator to also start a new cycle. When the switch is in the soft sync position, the starting points of a new cycle are gradually aligned and when the switch is in the off sync position, your oscillators are ignoring each other.

The RectangularThing is in my opinion a very unique and different sounding new synth voice from a young Dutch modular company. If you are very interested in this module, be sure to purchase one in the next days because the RectangularThing is limited only to 20 units. The company wrote on the website: while playing with the re-issued Curtis chips we hit upon such an audio-aesthetically pleasing prototype that we could not resist manufacturing a limited run of 20 fully analog Synthesizers.

The RectangularThing by TINRS is available now for 700€ (including tax, excluding shipping) and it’s available on request! If you want one you’ll have to contact directly.

More information here: TINRS

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