Roland Will Launch 3 New Products In The Drums & Synthesizer Categories On September 13th!

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Roland’s 909 day announcement tells us that 3 new products in the drums & Synthesizer categories will be launched on September 13!

Happy 909 day! Today, there ware no new Roland products but an announcement that you can look forward to. Roland announced that they will be launching new products next week on September 13th! These are 3 new products in the drum and Synthesizer categories. What exactly they will announced, is yet unknown.

As you might remember, there was evidence this week about a new polyphonic analog Synthesizer being developed in collaboration with Studio Electronics. So it may be that one brings out a SE-08 with 8 voices and a powerful analog engine with modern features. Also, the chance are good that they will extend the Boutique series. After the last Synthesizers and drum machines were sold very well, it would not be a surprise if they continue with these small and portable instruments.

Next-Gen AIRA, Eurorack Modules?

Also possible are new products in the AIRA category where a revision of the SYSTEM-1 would be very nice or completely new products. Since the TR-8 has already been significantly improved this year, a SYSTEM-1S (more polyphony, more plug-outs, better keyboard…) would certainly make sense. They could here maintain their plug-puts and offer them all for a smaller keyboard.

Do not forget that Roland also makes Eurorack modules. So it may be that they re-issue the effect modules (new design…) that they have removed from the market a few months ago without much notice. Also it’s possible that they release brand new digital modules with their latest ACB or DCB technology.

Much can happen next week, it’s exciting to see what they bring out on September 13th. Stay tuned for more information.

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