BEHRINGER Has Dropped The Price Of The Model D / NEUTRON Synthesizer To 299€ In Europe!

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The entry intro the semi-modular world becomes even cheaper: 299€ is the new price for the BEHRINGER Model D & Neutron Synthesizer in Europe!

Interesting news are from German music dealers. BEHRINGER has dropped the price of the Model D & Neutron Synthesizer in Europe to 299€. Thus, both analog synths are now at the same level with the prices from the US ($299).

Information why there was this price reduction does not exist. For the customers certainly a pleasing news. Thus, the entry into the semi-modular world has become even more affordable: “Modular for the masses” is coming!

NEUTRON Synthesizer

Paraphonic Analog and Semi-Modular Synthesizer with Dual 3340 VCOs, Multi-Mode VCF, 2 ADSRs, BBD Delay and Overdrive Circuit in a Eurorack Format

MODEL D Synthesizer


Model D is an authentic analog reproduction of the Moog Model D with 3 VCO’s, ladder filter, LFO and Eurorack format.

BEHRINGER Model D & Neutron Synthesizer is available now for 299€ at Thomann, & others.

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