SonicLab Introduced Cosmosƒ Saturn6 & 6S Dynamic Stochastic Synthesizer Plugin!

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A new update is available for SonicLab’s unique Cosmosƒ Saturn dynamic stochastic Synthesizer plugin with new creative and performance oriented features!

sonicLab has introduced Cosmosƒ Saturn6 and Saturn6S, an update of its dynamic stochastic Synthesizer plugin for Windows and Mac.

New in Cosmosƒ Saturn6 is “the Object”, a new feature that serves to compose all the systemic parameter changes. Beside this it includes full MIDI controller assignment support and envelopes without any attack part.


Sound is a perceptual phenomena in a continuous process of change. The Object serves to compose all the systemic parameter changes along with by recording the continuous gestures applied on every Cosmosƒ parameter. The Object has 2150 tracks to capture and record and carry on for the perfect user interaction on every Cosmosƒ event and its parameter space. This gives a great detail of human intervening on a stochastic sound generator to drive between fully deterministic and fully stochastic boundaries.

And yet the Object has a pretty simple user interface. Each Object sequence can be saved and loaded to different presets, its speed can be changed on the fly and quantization can be applied at various resolutions to break the continuous gestures. You can morph continuously between two Object Sequences applied on the current Cosmosƒ state.

The Object also includes full control on the ambisonic 3D sound distribution engine of Cosmosƒ Saturn6s, as the spatial distribution is part of the timbral definition. The Object as well offers great potential use for live performers as this is not an audio looping engine but a full parameter level composition and overlayering of the tracks being recorded.

Cosmosƒ Saturn6S (with true ambisonic surround and OSC support) is available now for 169€, while Saturn6 is 139€. The bundle price of Cosmosƒ Saturn6S and Cosmosƒ FX5.1 is 199€ for a limited time. Users of Saturn 5.1 can upgrade for free to Cosmosƒ Saturn6 and 6S (VST/AU/Standalone).

More information here: sonicLab

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