Best Hardware Granular Samplers & Synthesizers!

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11. Make Noise Morphagene

The US-based company Make Noise also has an exciting granular modular in their portfolio. The Morphagene is a very creative sampler that use reels, splices and genes to create new sounds from those that already exist. Search between the notes to find the unfound sounds. It allows you to splice recorded audio, manipulate the playback speed & direction or even to granularize (Gene-Size) any audio content. On top it’s possible to layer or stagger genes and morph through them to find even more new sounds.

A big advantage here is it’s hands-on design. You can deform the samples very quickly, penning them, putting them together without losing yourself in menus. It has voltage control over all sound manipulation parameters that makes it a very powerful granular tool for the Eurorack format.

The Morphagene can record up to 2 minutes 54 seconds long reels, up to 99 splices per reel and these can be stored then on the SD card. The engine supports  24-bit codec and creates 48k 32bit wav files.

The Morphene is especially exciting for musicians who like to do everything in one go and do not want to do long preparatory work. For a price of 525 € it offers a lot of possibilities (granular, sample playback, morphing and more) in one single module.

More information here: Make Noise 


    • Yes! A pacarana or paca are still the most powerful granular synthesizers on this planet. And the symbolic sound implementation of granular synthesis sounds very good because of the technical background they have and how the algorithms are implemented on a real DSP plattform.

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