Best Hardware Granular Samplers & Synthesizers!

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10. Gotharman’s Little DeFormer 3

Next we come to a manufacturer that has been offering a granular sampler / Synthesizer for some time now, but so far this was only known by synth insiders. The Gotharman’s Little DeFormer is a full-featured granular sampler workstation that goes into the third version after the summer (September) 2018. All features of the new version (3rd) are still to be fixed but the developer is confident that they will make it into the final production version.

The Little DeFormer 3 is based on a 16 parts (8 stereo voices) engine that is powered by one oscillator per part. Each oscillator can be either a multi-waveform oscillator, a stereo sampler, a noise generator, one/two audio inputs. Each part has also frequency modulation for the oscillator and sample section. The signal goes than further two 2 filters per voice with 16 different filter types to chose from.

Users can sample up to 93 minutes (477 MB) or 193 minutes (977 MB) of mono sampling (half in stereo), max 8192 samplings (for both models) and save it in 4 different banks. Each bank holds up to 2048 samplings. To add more character to the sounds, it features also 8 busses for insert effects (8 insert effects per bus) including an analog filter and two output effects. For the melodic part, it comes with a 16 sequencer note and 32 sequencer controller tracks.

A built-in USB port gives you the option to connect a USB drive for importing and exporting wav files, presets, songs and updating the firmware. On the connection side, it comes with stereo in/outs, headphone output and MIDI In/Output ports. An optional analog board gives you up to 2 slots for Anamono X series analog filterboards (each filter on any of the 8 audio busses with filter FM), 4 x CV/Gate In, 4x CV/Gate Out and up to 4 extra audio inputs and outputs.

A price is not yet announced and the developer is planning to release the Little DeFormer 3 in September 2018. So far, I can not say much about this new granular sampler/Synthesizer combo and if it will be worth the money or not. From the feature set it looks promising and I’m looking forward to hear more about it.

More information here: Gotharman 


    • Yes! A pacarana or paca are still the most powerful granular synthesizers on this planet. And the symbolic sound implementation of granular synthesis sounds very good because of the technical background they have and how the algorithms are implemented on a real DSP plattform.

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