Ohmforce Announced Infinity – A New Multi-Tap Delay Plugin (Early Access Offer!)

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The developers of Ohmforce are still active and will release soon Infinity, a new exciting multi-tap delay plugin

To be honest, from a plugin manufacturer I have not heard anything for a long time or even thought they had stopped the activity. These are the developers from Ohmforce. Today, the company gives a sign of life. They announced an upcoming new plugin with the name Ohmboyz Infinity, a new multi-tap and multi-effects delay plugin.

It’s not another basic delay plugin but one with additional creative features and post processing options. It comes directly with NKS support, macro support & more. Important to know is that the plugin interface will be completely reskinned for release.


In Ohmboyz ∞ Macros get the square treatment. You’ll quickly realise you can’t live without those four big knobs. Hit them first each time you load a patch! Behind the scene, you’ll see how adding a -1/+1 assignment and a response curve on the top of a mapping range to the old formulas makes all the difference. A gentle lowering of the feedback once resonance pass a certain threshold, with a high cut kicking in further down the knob’s course? Easy!

Meet the modulators

  • …so many modes
  • …with many parameters
  • …that can in turn be modulated!
  • also featuring a step sequencer
  • and plenty of randomness & chaos.

Multi Taps

Up to 8 taps to create complex, evolving rhythmic patterns or precise early reflexions before sending the sound to the delay lines. Each instance comes with its own effects, including pitch shifting and EQ.

Multi FX

In addition to the always delightful filters, EQ and distortion you get pitch and frequency shifters, speed control for all sort of analog / tape emulation (or crazier stuff). On the top of it a reverb combines with the other fx to allow for highly controllable atmosphere and absolutely wild evolving landscapes.


  • Multi Tap: Create musical reverb and combine with modulation and macros to create chorus, flangers and crazy repeater / beat slicer / sample mangling FX.
  • Multi FX: EQs at many stages of the process as well as filters, distortions, frequency shifters, pitch shifters, frequency shifters and reverbs. Some of those run through the delay lines which means that they constantly reapply on themselves, creating all sort of audio landscapes.
  • Advanced Modulation: Revamped modulation system with multimple modes – including a step sequencer – with way more options, and each modulation parameter can in turn be modulated or assigned to macros.
  • Macros²: Drive an unlimited number of parameters with complete control over ranges and response curves.

Ohmboyz Infinity (VST/AU/AAX) is now available in an Early Access deal at 33% off, priced at 99 EUR. You will get access to the latest beta version immediately, and to the full license when 1.0 is released.

More information here: Ohmboyz Infinity 

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