SuperBooth 2018: The Snazzy FX Guitar Effect Pedals Are Back!

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Excellent news coming from Dan Snazelle. The developer announced today that the best-known Snazzy FX guitar pedals are back. This reissue was realised in collaboration with the Latvian Synthesizer manufacturer Erica Synths. It includes the Wow and Flutter, a tape glitch noise pedal, the Mini-Ark, a guitar synth as well as the Tracer City, an analog modulation pedal. You can find these pedals on SuperBooth this year on the booth of Erica Synths.


Wow And Flutter

Dan Snazelle of SNAZZY FX missed something else about tape – the sound that would come out of the stereo on those days when the tape got stuck in the machine, dying a slow and melodic death. He also missed the magic of playing a favorite recording through an old cassette boom-box that had so much warble it was hard to tell what song he was listening to. So Dan decided to design a device that, when pushed to its limits, would sound like the tape was spinning out of control. But he also wanted to make sure the box could take that sound and make it more musical, and, at times, more subtle too.

THE WOW AND FLUTTER can bring you into this warbly world and far, far, beyond.

You might be thinking, what am I going to do with a busted tape machine? Well, that’s where things really get interesting – because this box can be used in many, many ways. Depending how hard you hit the Threshold and Warp controls, you can dial the malfunction back to where it creates subtle vibrato, or with shorter delays you can achieve pleasing chorus or pseudo flange-like effects. Turn the Warp up a bit more and you can get far-out pitch shifting, rubber band delays, and plastic portamentos. Turn the Warp up to max and what you’ll hear is just plain insanity.


THE MINI-ARK is the little brother to the one-of-a-kind AUDIO ARK, SNAZZY FX’s super processor. It has the capability to take your guitar input, track it precisely, add an octave of your choice below or above, an interval of your choosing above (or below) and the capability to mix the two in any combination with the original signal or a dirty version of the original signal. This is huge. You can now create chords or thickened notes in thousands of combinations, all by changing the mix knobs and the position of the Interval and Octave selectors.

But that’s just the beginning. In addition to the Octave and Interval sections, there is also an Infinite Hold section which allows you to stomp on a second switch and let the note go on and on and on and on. While the sound is droning, there is an additional octave down effect that you can play on top of the continuous sound. Think of it this way – you could be playing a lead, the lead could be mimicked a 3rd above, and 3 octaves below, and then get mixed with a distorted version of the same guitar. Then, you could step on the infinite switch, and start playing the distorted guitar and an octave below on top of the already holding 3rd above and 2 octaves below. Its really something you have to hear in action. There is also a Gate/Sustain switch. This allows you to have notes blend continuously into each other as you play or create very artificial staccato effects.

There is a rich array of CV Outputs. You get an Env Out which is useful for controlling an external device. You can, for example, plug this into the SNAZZY FX TRACER CITY. There is a gate out, for controlling an external synth, sequencer, or Modular Sythesizer, and the special Square Out. Please see the manual for the amazing things this output can do.

Snazzy FX Tracer City

SNAZZY FX designed the TRACER CITY to provide a whole range of new textures, from envelope follower effects to filtered tremolo, from aggressive filter sweeps and subtle coloration, all the way on through completely bizarre tones which have little to do with the incoming signal. This box is made to suit your musical personality with enormous room to grow. Featuring a true analog multi-mode resonant filter and powered by Synth level power rails, the TRACER CITY is perfect for tweaking drum loops or live drums, synths, bass, field recordings, or anything else you feel like putting through it.

TRACER CITY has the ability to handle line or guitar levels and enough gain to drive the signal into smooth overdrive. With control of cutoff, resonance, linear or Exponential modulation, this is a box you can get great sounds with – even if you have never used an analog synth before. There are two, yes two, modulation sources; an envelope follower with up and down modes, and two external CV or Audio (FM) inputs, each with their own Depth and Expo/Lin switches.

All three pedals will be available on 25 of April 2018


Wow and Flatter: 300€ + VAT & shipping

Mini-Ark: 350€ + VAT & shipping

Tracer City: 390€ + VAT & shipping

More information here: Snazzy FX 


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