Scam! Don’t Buy This New Synthesizer App For iOS!

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iOS musicians enjoy each time new Synthesizer apps are released. It quickly becomes the main topic in the communities. The joy disappears quickly when these apps are pure rip-off. One of these is Wavetable Synthesizer Analog, a new released app by the developer Frederic Ohnemueller.

Many users will find this app familiar. This is the Analog Synth X Synthesizer. This was programmed by Matthew Fecher using the AudioKit code and published as a test app to show what is possible. The code is open-source and can be used by anyone.

Copy Paste Code For A Crazy Price

Even if the code is open-source, you as developer should do something new and interesting with it. This “new” app is simply a 1 to 1 copy of the existing code. What’s worse for me is the price structure. The “developer” or pirate charges $8.99 for it and offers a weekly subscription of $0.99. The musician who buys this app get nothing new. The subscription only empties your purse and doesn’t give you any new features. So you can clearly speak of  a rip-off here.

Support? Please What?

What do you expect when buying an expensive iOS Synthesizer? Yes support and new features. You can certainly forget that with this app. If you look at the contact data of the developer, they lead to a wrong website with wrong names and wrong contact possibilities (tel: 012345/6789 or a generic email address). What does that mean? Yes another sign of a rip-off app.

Support The Right Person

If you are curious about this app, then download Analog Synth X for free. Matthew Fecher will be happy. If you want to use the code here, I advise you to do in the right way. The iOS community will quickly find out if they are being used with care.

Please don’t buy this new Synthesizer app!

If you want it, please download it here for free: Analog Synth X


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