Puremagnetik’s Bluejay Is A New JP8000 Inspired Superaw Synthesizer Plugin (VST/AU) For Just $8

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Puremagnetik has made a name for itself in recent years with sample libraries which are compatible with Kontakt 5, EXS24 and Ableton Live. For some weeks, the company goes new ways and publishes also plugins for PC & Mac. With Bluejay, they has today presented its second Synthesizer already.

Bluejay is a new super-saw Synthesizer plugin (VST/AU) that is inspired by the famous Roland JP8000 from 1996. It features not only the best-known super-saw function but also a super-square algorithm. Also interesting is that you can morph the shape of the saw and square wave for additional new timbres.


A supersaw is a waveform consisting of a number of slightly detuned sawtooth waves superimposed. This waveform is used particularly for lead and bass sounds in EDM genres. It produces a characteristic buzzing sound which is sharp in the treble, but not thin in the bass like a conventional sawtooth can be.

The supersaw was originally popularized by the Roland JP-8000 virtual analog synth in the 1990s. It saw a revival in the mid-2000s as many soft synths and more recent virtual analog synths included the ability to produce the waveform. It is characteristic of dubstep, trance, techno and many other popular EDM sub-genres.

Features of Bluejay 
  • Classic super-saw and offset of 7 simultaneous oscillators.
  • “Super-square” array of simultaneous square wave oscillators.
  • Morphable oscillators.
  • Moog style low pass filter with preset “Animation” controls.
  • Contour adjustment.
  • Fine tuning of Supersaw/square mix.

Bluejay is now available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) and is currently offered as part of the Puremagnetik’s Spark subscription for $8/month. You can subscribe for a month and cancel anytime again. After the first month, the new Bluejay Synthesizer will be available in the back catalog “a la carte) for $20 USD.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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