More Details About The UB-Xa Synthesizer Published – Front Panel Update, No Internal Effects & More

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If you look for the strongest topics in the field of Synthesizers in 2018 already than it’s probably the UB-Xa, Behringer’s new polyphonic Synthesizer based on the Tom Oberheim OB-Xa. Many are debating whether it’s good or bad to clone again a well-known instrument from the past. Also for this project there will be lovers and hater again. Nonetheless, Uli Behringer published  published today a new interface render of the upcoming UB-Xa polyphonic analog Synthesizer.

Desktop? No Effects Confirmed

If you can trust the new photo it will probably be a desktop instrument that is very similar to the original one. The question of desktop or keyboard has not yet been confirmed by Uli Behringer. So you can only speculate what it can be.

Also know now is that they won’t include effects to retain the authenticity of the original instrument.

New Effect Processor On The Horizon

Uli Behringer, however, has given hope to all lovers of effects. He announced very calm a new product that should satisfy this need: “When it comes to effects, we might be able to surprise you with a very cool solution in the near future”. Already in the leaks of last year, there was evidence of an new hardware multi-effect processor featured by the effects of the DeepMind 12 Synthesizer. This was unfortunately quickly denied by the company.

The team is now working on the schematics and software architecture of the synth. They don’t have yet locked down the design and feature set, so there is still room for changes and suggestions from the community.

Looking forward to see the final product.

Source: UB-Xa Facebook Group 

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