VST Buzz Deal: Impact Soundworks Orchestral Bundle 83% OFF For Limited Time

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VST Buzz, a music software website that is specialized in deals, has launched this week a new special sale. For the next two weeks, you can save 83% OFF on the Orchestral Bundle by Impact Soundworks that features 5 different sample libraries with in total of 42 GB of content for the Native Instruments Kontakt 5 sampler.

Available here: VST Buzz Orchestral Bundle 


“The Orchestral Bundle” is a sensational collection of five deeply sampled libraries that cover a wide range of orchestral instruments and vocal styles including: Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Traditional Men’s + Women’s Choirs and a Slavic Women’s Choir! Featuring over 42GB of content these libraries are perfect for Film, TV & Video Game scoring and an absolute bargain at a fraction of the normal price!

Rhapsody: Orchestral Colors

“Rhapsody: Orchestral Colors” is an all-in-one symphonic library that makes it easier than ever to bring your orchestral ideas to life! This library features 30,000+ detailed samples of strings, brass, winds, and choral ensembles, along with a unique library of chords & voicings that puts the full palette of symphonic tones at your fingertips. With “Rhapsody: Orchestral Colors”, there’s no faster way to create fully-voiced orchestral textures!


  • 30,000+ orchestral samples.
  • Three mic positions: close, decca, outrigger.
  • Strings: Violins/violas, celli, basses.
  • Brass: Trumpets, trombones, horns, tuba.
  • Winds: Clarinet/oboe/flute, bassoon/contrabassoon.
  • Choir: Men’s and women’s ensembles + FX.
  • Sustain, staccato, staccatissimo & tenuto.

Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion

This exquisite symphonic collection for KONTAKT features a comprehensive collection of 50 traditional & extended percussive instruments recorded through three mic positions. With a clean, focused character that is not clinically dry OR overly ‘epic’, Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion is highly flexible for everything from small ensemble scoring and intimate cues to dramatic & bombastic. No other percussion library is as extensive AND affordable!


  • Comprehensive suite of 50+ instruments.
  • Three mic positions: close, stage, hall.
  • 16 & 24 bit samples provided.
  • Deep sampled 10x dynamics, 5x RR.

Furia Staccato Strings

An orchestral library designed for powerful ensemble string staccatos, Furia delivers instant gratification for film, TV, game & trailer scoring. Perfect for epic action string stabs and ostinatos, dramatic builds, and tense underscore rhythms! String ensemble staccatos are a composer’s best friend. Whether you need to accentuate dramatic rhythms in an action cue, create tension with a repeating ostinato line, build an epic swashbuckling main melody, or weave ominous arpeggiating textures, staccato strings are de facto standard.


  • Focused and powerful staccatos strings.
  • Tutti playing (all sections).
  • Up to 16x round robin layers.
  • Close + hall mic positions.
  • Only one dynamic – EPIC.

Bravura Scoring Brass – Chords and FX 


Bravura Scoring Brass – Chords & FX is a version of the full instrument featuring a selection of “instant gratification” patches from Bravura Scoring Brass Complete. It is NOT the full version of Bravura Scoring Brass, but it does contain some of the most useful patches for composers!


  • Ensemble and Solo “Chord Maker” patches – Play single notes to create fully-voiced chords, with control over chord voicing, type and instrument spread.
  • Ensemble and Solo “Orchestrator” patches – As you play or sequence chords, these patches will intelligently assign each note to a different instrument, creating realistic voicings!.
  • Articulations – Sustain, staccato, tenuto, marcato.
  • All aleatoric FX patches – short figures, phrases, motifs, swells, and hits that are particularly ideal for scoring purposes..

Vocalisa Slavic Women’s Choir

Discover the powerful sound of Slavic (Bulgarian-style) singing as performed by an all-female chorus: sopranos, mezzos, altos, soloist, and full choir. Vocalisa features many important syllables and consonants idiomatic to this style, plus useful pitch articulations (mordents, turns) and FX (breaths, claps, clusters.)

  • Detailed recordings for a versatile sound with air.
  • Traditional Slavic choral singing – Eh, mah, yah, ree, shteh, svah, and oh.
  • Mordents, turns, clusters, FX & breathsSection-building with sopranos, mezzos, altos.
  • Soloist & full choir patches.
  • Two flexible modes: keyswitch & grid (sequence).
  • Beautiful UI with performance tweaking & mix.

The VST Buzz Impact Soundworks Orchestral Bundle is now available for 79€ (regular 489€) until February 20th, 2018.

Available here: VST Buzz Orchestral Bundle 

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