Native Instruments Reaktor 6 User Library – January 2018 Roundup

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METHEGLIN – Fully Controllable Synthesizer

The METHEGLIN is a new full-featured Synthesizer for Reaktor 6 that comes with a lot of different sound features. The special thing about this synth is not its sound but how you can operate it. The layout is inspired by the Novation Launch Control XL and is also fully controllable with this MIDI controller.

Also included is a mapping file for Launch Control XL. Please enjoy comfortable sound making without mouse.

Available here: METHEGLIN

MONOVOKS Synthesizer By David Frappaz

The MONOVOKS is a new Reaktor 6 Synthesizer that is inspired by the might Polivoks synths. The sound quality is great and super authentic. A must download for all Reaktor 6 user.

Available here: MONOVOKS 

bi0t1co Seq + Update Jinrai M1. Morphing Wavetable M.i.d.i Sequencer + Jinrai M1 F.M Synth. by MRTN CSTR

There are many Reaktor ensembles in the User library. Many are exciting & useful, some a bit boring but also some very special and crazy. So too the biot1co sequencer & Synthesizer which is a full-featured instrument with a lot of function. It’s not a simple synth but an instrument that invites you to creating very crazy sequences & more.


  • Morphing Wavetable Osc.
  • New 7 osc Detuned: Sine,Tri,Saw,Pulse(Width),Impulse osc.
  • Sample Player (60 Drums/fx Samples).
  • 10 New Filters.
  • 2 Wavetable Env.
  • 3 Filter Env.
  • 36 New Presets.
  • 42 New tutorial Presets.

Available here: biot1co seq+ synth

Grain Sine Mod – Modulate read head of grain with own curve by Joe King

Grain Sine Mod is the latest development of Joe King and is a sine wave sound laboratory.

Loopy, glitchy grain modulating sinewave. Mangle the rhythms, create new from old. Uses 6 ‘sinewaves’ to modulate the read head of the grain module. 21 waves in an embeded wavemap included.

Available here: Grain Sine Mod 

Mini_mod – 6-Poly/Mono Analog Modeling Synth By Moshe Banano 

Mini_mod is a new virtual analog monophonic /polyphonic Synthesizer for Reaktor 6. It features a more classic synth architecture and very straightforward modulation section. A perfect new Reaktor ensemble to discover the virtual analog world.

Available here: Mini_mod 

4-Band Spectral Multi-Effect By Vaughn Stegeman

4-Band Spectral Multi-Effect processor is a effect ensemble that split any audio signal in 4 different bands. On each band, you can apply a chorus, delay, frequency shifter and panner effect. This new ensemble is still in development but it’s already an interesting effect processor for Reaktor 6.

Available here: 4-Band Spectral Multi-Effect

Multi Pressure – Multi-Band Compressor Unit By Salamanderanagram

Last but not least, we have Multi Pressure, a new straightforward multi-band compressor processor.

Available here: Pressure 

And as usual, big thanks to the Reaktor 6 user library community to create such interesting new instruments, effects & more. Always nice to check out each months the new releases.

More information here: Reaktor 6 User Library

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