The Selection Of The Best iOS Synthesizer Releases 2017 Has Fallen!

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Yonac Kauldron Synthesizer

From innovative concepts we come back to classical subtractive synthesis. In 2017, Yonac also released some interesting new apps. In addition to KASPAR, a multi-timbral Synthesizer, the developer also released Kauldron. Although it’s a relatively classic subtractive synthesis, Kauldron is one of the first Synthesizers with an artificial intelligence preset designer. In addition to the excellent sound engine, musicians can design new sounds with a touch on the SPAWN engine. This creates with AI new sounds and the engine have delivered good results in the tests. Kauldron is so seen a great sounding Synthesizer, with a nice interface and cool features.

Available here: Yonac Kauldron Synthesizer 

Igor Vasiliev Synthscaper Synthesizer 

Continue into the experimental sound world. If you are looking for instruments that can produce mainly experimental sounds like soundscapes or drones, then you landed quickly in recent years to the amazing apps from Igor Vasiliev. Last year, he has expanded his range of experimental instruments with SynthScaper, a Synthesizer that has a sample-based engine with which you can quickly create complex soundscapes. The very deep engine makes this instrument very exciting because musicians can easily import own samples, manipulate them completely and layer them together. So you can quickly create complex drones and soundscapes. SynthScaper is an app that especially loved and appreciated by experimental musicians. If you create this kind of music, you can’t miss this latest app from Igor Vasiliev.

Available here: SynthScaper Synthesizer 

BeepStreet Zeeon Synthesizer 

Year after year, new virtual analog Synthesizers are entering the iOS market, even though it’s already saturated. So only few apps can score here. BeepStreet proved with Zeeon last year clearly that there is still room for high-end Synthesizers. Zeeon is a Synthesizer that features a top-notch sound engine, a deep modulation matrix with more modulation options than normal virtual analog synths, a good range of effects and an AUv3 version. Especially, the oscillators and filters are excellent here and you might believe U-he ported DIVA to iOS when you check out the sound quality of Zeeon. It’s not the feature monster of 2017 but a synth that got attention because of it’s brillant and authentic analog sound.

Available here: BeepStreet Zeeon Synthesizer 

Audio Damage Phosphor 2 Synthesizer 

Who can not miss a 2017 summary, yes Audio Damage. The company which mainly had plugins and Eurorack modules in their portfolio, plunged into the iOS world in 2017 and brought very cool effects and instruments to the market. One of them was Phosphor 2, a Synthesizer app that you can describe with these words: dirty, glitch, noisy. What makes Phosphor 2 so unique is its crazy sound engine. It emulates the alphaSynthauri, a vintage digital additive synth from the 80s. Audio Damage has given this synth a relatively small engine that is versatile and easy to use from an single page interface.

The sound character is very own and special. But this specialization will not please and help further many musicians. Phosophor 2 is very niche Synthesizer and one of these instruments in 2017 that shows that the iOS market go further.

Available here: Audio Damage Phosphor 2 Synthesizer 

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    • Hey Peter. Thanks for your input. The Moog Model 15 were released in 2016 and is no part of this selection. This best of features the best iOS Synthesizer released in 2017.
      Cheers Tom

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