The Selection Of The Best iOS Synthesizer Releases 2017 Has Fallen!

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First! Happy New Year to everyone. BIG THANKS again for support in 2017. Big thanks again for support in 2017. Only through your daily help, I could develop Synth Anatomy as I would like.

Not only with Synth Anatomy there were changes but the iOS Synthesizer market was very lively again in 2017. So well-known iOS developers have published new apps or even plug-in manufacturers plunged on the mobile platform. So that you get a nice and good overview of the best iOS Synthesizer releases in 2017, I created a video as well a written overview of my personal favourites from this year. The running order has nothing to say in this article or in the video on YouTube.

Living Memory Software LayR Synthesizer 

The strongest and most powerful Synthesizer in this summary is LayR by Living Memory Software. LayR is a massive multi-timbral performance synth with an architecture that can handle up to 256 voices. The powerful engine allows you to create instruments with more than 100 different layers. Each layer features 2 oscillators, 2 filters, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, pulse-width mod and two loopable envelopes. To refine the sounds, it comes also with a range of high-quality effects. Above all, LayR was convincing me because of the excellent engine which allows you to layer multiple instruments together and to create very complex sounds.

Available here: Living Memory Software LayR 

apeSoft mood Synthesizer

With mood, apeSoft has released the best sounding multi-type synthesis Synthesizer last year. Mood is not just a Minimoog style virtual analog synth but features also a FM operator and sample oscillator. The engine has a brillant sound quality and gives you new advanced sound design possibilities with a classic Minimoog interface. Additional effects like a delay, distortion or reverbs opens quickly the world of atmospheric sounds.

Available here: apeSoft mood Synthesizer

KORG Mono/Poly Synthesizer

A year without a new KORG iOS Synthesizer does not exist. So also the last year, With the iMono/Poly KORG released an excellent authentic emulation of the analog Mono/Poly Synthesizer from the past. The iOS version is again a port from the plugin and includes the similar features as the original hardware. Not only the great sound engine convinced me but also a top notch interface as well as a cool new modulation matrix not available in the hardware. Hopefully, KORG will release this year AUv3 version of their amazing iOS apps. 

Available here: KORG iMono/Poly Synthesizer 

Ruismaker Ripplemaker

In 2016 and 2017, the iOS music world was heavily influenced by the developer Ruismaker. One of the highlights of last year was Ripplemaker, a patchable Synthesizer that brought the West coast mindset to the iOS world. Ripplemaker convinced me because of its different sound palette and a super straightforward interface. Complex sequences as well as experimental sounds are easily possible here. If you love Buchla style Synthesizers or the Make Noise 0-Coast but prefer iOS synths, than don’t miss Ripplemaker.

Available here: Ruismaker Ripplemaker 

PPG Infinite Synthesizer 

From Wolfgang Palm you hear rather little but when he has something to communicate, then he has an app at the start, that brings the iOS market forward again. With Infinite Synthesizer for iPad, he broke new ground last year and left his classical wavetable at home. Infinite is not a classical wavetable synth as it was meant to be, but breaks through the limits of wavetable synthesis in an interesting yet complex way. Infinite certainly plays in the league of the best iOS Synthesizers, as this instrument is an infinite sound design playground. It combines aspects of the Wavegenerator, Wavemapper, Phonem Synthesizers and enables new complex sound palettes with the help of innovative features like special morphing possibilities.

Available here: PPG Infinite Synthesizer 


    • Hey Peter. Thanks for your input. The Moog Model 15 were released in 2016 and is no part of this selection. This best of features the best iOS Synthesizer released in 2017.
      Cheers Tom

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