BEHRINGER’s New Photo Shows A Part Of A New Product! ARP 2600?

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BEHRINGER is known for teasers of new products. Just before the end of the year 2017, the big leak of new products, then the first picture of the probably upcoming new VP-330 clone and today this entire game continued. Today, the guessing game continues as the company has put another picture on Facebook of a new product.

“The first New Year baby is about to see the light of day. Guess.”

What we can see is that the board is equipped with a matrix as well as knobs and no sliders. Since we know all now which Synthesizer BEHRINGER plans you can appreciate what it can be. Visually of the form or the arrangement, the board reminds of no known old Synthesizer. But since you can already see a matrix with inputs & outputs, here, it may be that this is the ARP 2600 clone but in a complete different form. Based on the leaks and on this new photo, this could be the ARP 2600 but that’s only my opinion. It could be also the MS-20 Synthesizer clone.

We will see what they will announce this year. The VP-330 Synthesizer clone is pretty close and I’m sure we will see it during the NAMM Show.

More information here: BEHRINGER

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