U-he Releases Repro-5 Synthesizer & Makes Repro-1 Users Happy!

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Back on this year’s Superbooth, Urs Heckmann (U-he) announced the Repro-5 Synthesizer, a polyphonic version of the excellent Repro-1 and at the same an authentic emulation of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. A few months and many line of code later, the company finally released today version 1 of this excellent new plugin.

An Authentic Reproduction Of The Prophet 5 Engine With Modern Features  

As already mentioned, the 8 voice polyphonic engine is based on the structure of a classic Sequential Circuit Prophet 5. It features two oscillators blocks with different functions. Unlike Oscillator 1, Oscillator 2 also has a triangle waveform and can be used as an LFO. Intrestingly it will be on the second GUI page where you can change the character of the oscillators. Inside the mixer section, you have also a noise generator which can be mixed to two oscillator signals. Due of audio-rate modulation possibilities, it’s possible to create exciting oscillator FM with the frequency and pulse width.

All this is routed to a 4-pole resonant low-pass filter, carefully modelled by the original Prophet 5. Like oscillators, it’s also possible to change the character of the filter on a second interface page. The filter also allow to create filter FM sounds due of the audio-rate voice modulation.

On the modulation side, you have access to two envelopes, 1 LFO and the possibility to use oscillator 2 as LFO. Additionally, you can change on the second interface page the behaviour of the envelope and a 2-slot matrix gives you an easy-to-use and flexible tool for working with modulation.

Unlike Repro-1, Repro-5 has no arpeggiator or sequencer. Here one focuses mainly on the polyphony feature. To offer musicians a modern Synthesizer and not to limit to the sound possibilities of the vintage instrument, Repro-5 features an entire effect section with 6 effects: Polyphonic distortion unit with 4 types including bit crusher, tape emulation, delay/chorus, EQ/resonator, reverb, sonic conditioner/dynamics processor. On top, the developer includes over 950 ready-to-use professional factory presets.

How Much Is The Upgrade? 

Since Christmas is coming and U-he appreciates his community, Repro-5 is free for those who have already bought Repro-1. Yes, it is, you get a completely new Synthesizer as a user of the monophonic version for nothing. If you don’t have Repro-1, you can buy it now for a lower price and receive Repro-5 for free. Later the price will be higher and both products will be sold as one Repro product.

Feature Summary 

  • 8-voice polyphony.
  • 1 to 8 voice unison with glide control.
  • Audio-rate voice modulation: oscillator FM (frequency and pulse width), filter FM.
  • 4-pole resonant lowpass filter.
  • Flexible modulation options plus 2-slot matrix.
  • Polyphonic distortion unit with 4 types including bit crusher.
  • 5 effects: tape emulation, delay/chorus, EQ/resonator, reverb, sonic conditioner/dynamics processor.
  • Over 950 factory presets.

Beside this new release, both Synthesizer now includes also a new preset browser with text search, tags, color-coded favourites, smart folders and much more.

Repro-5 and Repro-1 are now available as a single product called Repro, available for macOS and Windows in VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and NKS formats (32 and 64-bit). A Linux version will be available within a few weeks.

U-he Repro is now on sale for $99 USD until December 31st, 2017. (regular priced $149 USD excl. taxes)

More information here: U-he Repro 

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