Trueno Is The World’s Smallest Analogue Synthesizer In The Form Of A USB Stick

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What do many analog Synthesizers have in common? Yes, they are big, heavy and not very practical. A young company WS Audio from Wales tries to break new ground with the Trueno Synthesizer. Trueno is the world’s smallest analogue Synthesizer in the form of a USB stick and combines the advantages of analog and digital Synthesizers.

Trueno’s Synth Engine Is Massive

Trueno is more than just an monophonic /paraphonic analogue Synthesizer because it’s comes with a modern hybrid synth engine. It features three analog oscillators (saw, pulse, triangle and noise) which are digital controlled to guarantee high stability. An additional automatic tuning feature tune every time when you use the synth correctly. Analogue synth are nothing new in 2017 so they decided to develop further the concept and introduced also a digital mode. Inside the digital mode, you can take advantage of 256 included digital wavetables ranging from Steinways to TB-303s. On top, the developers created an additive editor where you can create new digital wavetables for the Trueno Synthesizer.

To make it more versatile, Trueno comes with a wealth of modulation options like oscillator AM, PWM as well as filter FM. Also super interesting is the fact that you can use digital wavetables as a modulation source. With this, sound designers can create very interesting unheard sounds with analog oscillators.

Interesting is also the filter design inside the Trueno Synthesizer. Trueno’s filter is based on a soviet Russian design known for its unmatched harsh, aggressive sound. The filter screams nicely when you crank the resonance up but the developers promised that warm and subtle sounds are also possible. The filter section features key follow, a dedicated envelope generator as well as audio frequency modulation from oscillator 3. This is amazing feature for such a Synth.

Beside this full featured oscillator and filter section, Trueno Synthesizer includes also an excellent modulation section. 4 LFO’s and 6 envelopes generators are available in the entire modulation section of this very small instrument. Effects can not be missing here. To top it off, Trueno comes with several high-quality digital effects like chorus, phasor, flanger, delay and reverb effects.

A Hardware & Software Solution 

The concept is quite special compared to other synths on the market because the developer split the engine in two sections. Oscillators, analog modulation and filter are on the hardware and the oscillator control, modulation, LFO’s, envelopes and effects on the digital side inside the plugin.

There Is No Traditional Audio Output 

Trueno doesn’t feature audio inputs or outputs like traditional Synthesizers. The developers build in an integrated 44.1 kHz 24 bit analogue to digital converter that captures the Synthesizer’s output with perfect clarity. An interesting concept in my opinion for a modern analog/digital Synthesizer.

Control Your Trueno Via A VST/AU/Standalone Editor 

As you might have noticed, Trueno comes without buttons or knobs. To get full access to the Synth engine, the developers deliver with the device a VST2/VST3/AU plug-in and standalone application. Music producers an here recall their presets, use automations and all this with low-latency.

The World’s Smallest Analog Synthesizer 

This is the world’s smallest analog Synthesizer. I see several digital Synthesizers with even lower dimensions but this is absolutely the smallest analog instruments I ever see. All the technology is build inside a aerospace grade aluminium case, precision machined with an exceptional matt finish.

Software Features:

  • Powerful Oscillator Control: Monophonic and 3 voice paraphonic modes. 4 glide modes.
  • Extensive Modulation Options: LFOs and envelopes can be easily assigned to VCO pitch & volume, VCF cutoff and resonance as well as master volume by dragging and dropping.
  • 4 LFO Generators: Sine, saw, square, triangle and random waveforms; tempo sync and note trigger options.
  • 6 Envelope Generators: 4 assignable generators. With exponential mode.Dedicatedfilter and master volumeenvelopes.
  • Easy Recording: One click recording of Trueno’s output, saved automatically to prespecified location.
  • FX :
    • Multi FX: Variable delay effects with feedback. Flanger, phasor, 4 and 8 voice chorus modes.
    • Delay: LP, HP and BP Filter. Mono, stereo and ping-pong modes. Tempo synchronised.
    • Reverb: Algorithmic reverb.
    • LP, HP and BP Filter.

Trueno is an interesting and good sounding new analog/digital Synthesizer that is on top affordable and handy. Maybe a good christmas gift for music producer and Synthesizer lovers that search another typ of instrument.

Check out here sound demos 

Trueno Synthesizer is now exclusively available via Amazon for a price of 159.99€.

More information here: Trueno 

Available here: Trueno Synthesizer


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