The Latest AudioKit Code Let You Build iOS Music Apps From EXS24/Kontakt Sample Libraries!

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Many iOS musicians or sample library developers would like Native Instruments develop a mobile version of Kontakt 5. It would be interesting for every side. Developers could bring their sample libraries on iOS and can create more revenues with their creations. On the other side, iOS musicians can benefit from new diverse sounds that only exist before on PC/Mac software. Today, a new version of a process has been released that simplifies for many smaller developers of such products the development of iOS music app based on samples. It must be said that this is not a Native Instrument product!

ROM Player – A New Engine With A Lot Of Potential 

AudioKit released today ROM Player, a completely free and full-featured professional sample playback instrument example based on Swift 4 and AudioKit 4. This code can be modified to play EXS24, Wave or Sound Fonts and is very lightweight. This new code demonstrate nicely how you can make a beautiful sounding, pro-level instrument with a small amount of code.

It has all kinds of included pre-build filters, effects, and other audio signal processing classes to get you started and help you build the music apps of your dreams. You can even replace the included sounds and graphics with own creations and upload to the app store. Record your Grandma’s piano, a neighbour’s cat, or even your cousin’s Tuba, and use the code to make an iOS instrument out of it.

The entire code is free and open-source. Meaning you don’t have pay any fees to the developers. Also great is that you implement also codes like Inter-App-Audio, AudioBus 3 or Ableton Link directly in the AudioKit code. This allows you to create powerful sampled-based instruments on iOS.

Many Kontakt 5 /EXS24 Sample Developers Will Be Happy 

As you know, the Internet is full of various sample libraries of small or larger developers. Especially a website like Kontakt Hub is a perfect place for such product and companies. With the new AudioKit code, developers can create very fast music apps based on their own sample libraries and sell it as a full playable music app on the Apple App Store. In my opinion a code that fits perfectly into this world of independent sample libraries and will offer new possibilities to developers and iOS musicians.

ROM Player Code Features 

  • Beautiful sound engine
  • MIDI input for notes, pitch bend, mod wheel, after touch
  • On screen “Piano” keyboard that can be customized
  • Reverb, Bitcrush, AutoPan, Stereo Fatten, more…
  • Analog Tape Ping-Pong Delay with cool speeding up/slowing down effects when changing time
  • Lowpass Filter and LFO
  • MIDI Learn knobs
  • Written entirely in Swift 4 & AudioKit 4

First App Based On The ROM Player Engine: FM Player: Classic DX 

With the release of the new AudioKit code, the developers have also released a nice example to show what’s possible with this open-source code. The first app with the name FM Payer: Classic DX is a completely free re-creation of the Synthesizer sounds used on more hit songs than any other synth in history, the DX7. This really is free. No In-app purchases, or ads, or anything else to buy.  It’s loaded with all the best original sounds from the DX7 & DX7II, along with some custom sounds for people to play. The complete app is based on the open-source AudioKit code and excellent sounding samples from the legendary DX7 Synthesizer. 


  • Faithful recordings of famous classic presets from original retro 80s FM Synthesizers
  • Over 50+ presets included, completely free!
  • Beautiful Reverb, Auto Pan, Bit Crush, Stereo Fatten, and more!
  • Low-pass Filter: Cutoff, Rez, and Filter LFO 
  • Analog Tape Style Ping-Pong Delay
  • MIDI in (Play with a MIDI Keyboard) 
  • GREAT for playing Live with a Keyboard: MIDI Mod Wheel, Pitch Wheel, Program Change, Velocity sensitive sounds, and Sustain Pedal support already added
  • Some basic Inter-App Audio (IAA) integration. Use with GarageBand!
  • AudioBus 3 support. Use these amazing sounds w/ other apps that support AB3 audio & midi.
  • All Knobs have MIDI Learn!

Looking forward to see more ported sample libraries in this new open-source environment.

More information here: AudioKit Pro ROM Player 

Available here: FM Player: Classic DX

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