SYINSI Released New Range Of 1U Analog Modules

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SYINSI just released a new range of 1U analog modules that allows you build a entire Synthesizer in the 1U format. VCO, VCA, VCF, LFO, EG, CV, audio mixers, multis and shift/scalers, enough tiles to build a complete modular Synthesizer out of just tiles.


  • VCO Classic is an analog saw oscillator with a fine tune parameter on the front as well as the V/Octave offset and scaling trimmers. Additional, it features two inputs for V/oct and control voltage. The VCO Classic covers 8 octaves and matched transistors for low drift. Build & tested $65 USD and DIY Kit without components $20 USD.
  • VCF is a CV controlled low-pass filter with resonance. On the back-side, you can change the jumper for optional band-pass filter.(Build $65 USD / DIY Kit $20 USD)
  • A/R EG is a simple attack/release envelope generator. Attack / Release from instantaneous to several sounds. It features also a log response curve. (Build $65 USD / DIY Kit $20 USD)
  • LFO module has three oscillator outputs (Sine, Triangle and Square) and a frequency range approximately from 20Hz to 100 seconds. (Build $65 USD / DIY Kit $20 USD)
  • VCA has a 0-5V response and a very low distortion as well as CV feedthrough input. (Build $70 USD / DIY $20 USD)
  • Signal Clone is a buffered multiple for any signal. It features four outs and one inverted out. An additional LED shows the polarity and signal level. (Build $65 USD / DIY Kit $20 USD)
  • MiniAudioMixer is the MiniAudioMixer a 1U 4×1 audio mixer. The module can handle levels up to 10Vp-p and output to 1Vp-p (line level) (Build $80 USD / DIY Kit $30 USD)
  •  CV Crossfade Mixer is a module which gives you the possibility to crossfade control to mix two CV signals. It comes with two outputs, with one inverted. An additional LED shows polarity and signal level. (Build $65 USD / DIY Kit $20 USD)
  • CV Scale Offset can shift any signal + or – by up to 10V and you can scale any signal between 0 and 10V. It comes with two outputs, with one invert. A LED shows polarity and signal level. (Build $50.59 USD / DIY Kit $15.57 USD)
  • Pedal I/O send audio from Eurorack to external FX pedals or units, then return effected signal back to Eurorack. You have a wet/dry control to mix original signal to effected signal. (Build $65 USD / DIY Kit $20 USD)

The SYINSI 1U modules are now available on the official website.

More information here: SYINSI 


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