Soda Is Not A Drink But The First Modular DJ App For iOS From Berlin By Zerodebug

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Even if I’m not very interested in the latest DJ equipment, this new release is worth mentioning. Zerodebug, the developer collective which is behind the best known apps touchable (Ableton iOS controller), Audiomux & Midimux (transfer audio & midi to your PC/Mac from your iOS device) or the full featured sequencer app Modstep.

With their new app, they are breaking new ground and releasing the first fully modular DJ app for iOS. In Soda, musicians can design their own DJ playgrounds with these feature they really need.

Everything Is Modular 

Many DJ applications (PC/Mac/iOS) are limited in a certain way how you want to work. So many DJ’s don’t find the optimal way of working because in each software is missing something or not sufficient. The developers of Soda want to fight these obstacles and offer DJ’s a completely modular world that is freely configurable.

You would want more easily accessible cue-points, a longer volume fader or maybe a secondary waveform that is completely zoomed in? This is no longer a problem with Soda. From a basic single-deck to sophisticated looping setups with up to 8 decks, beatjumps and FX, Soda can serve any requirement.

Not Only The Interface Is Full Featured But Also Everything That Has To Do With Audio 

In addition to a complex and modular interface, Soda offers users a sufficient number of important, professional audio related features. Audio files can be imported via the recently introduced Apple Document Picker or via several other files app. Musicians can get also full access to their iTunes Libraries. With the massive but easy-to-use interface, the Zerodebug developers designed the app so clever that it’s easy to create and manage live setups.

Of course, what is important for a modern DJ application is how to communicate with the outside world. The app allows you to sync audio as well as pitch it manually. So you get the best of both worlds in Soda. With a compatible split-cable like from Native Instruments, you can easily split your outputs. On top, it’s super exciting to see that the developers include a high-quality time-stretch algorithm.

Soda Has Everything That iOS Musicians Love!

In order for an iOS app to be usable at a higher usability level and not labeled as a toy, it must have several features. Here the developers show that they have a lot of experience with iOS apps and includes Ableton Link, AUv3 effect (use your favourite AU effects inside Soda) as well as iOS-compatible audio & MIDI interface support to app. Also the app is fully MIDI mappable to any available controllers.

All Soda Features 

  • Freely customisable Interface.
  • Up to 8 Decks.
  • Up to 16 nameable Cue-Points per Deck & Track.
  • Cue points can be used as Loop-Cues.
  • Sample Import via Document Picker & Files app.
  • Full access to your iTunes Library.
  • Easy setup & management of playlists.
  • Variable Launch-quantization for synced Tracks.
  • Split Output via compatible split-cable.
  • Pre-Cue your tracks via Headphone.
  • Zoomable color-coded Waveforms.
  • Ableton Link support.
  • 2 Send FX Chains.
  • AUv3 Effect support – include your favorite AUs.
  • 5 internal Effects.
  • BPM & Key detection.
  • Time-stretch (Key-Lock).
  • Fully MIDI mappable.
  • Sync or manual pitch – get the best of both worlds.
  • Works with any iOS-compatible audio & MIDI interface.

Soda by Zerodebug is now available for iPhone and iPad for $9.99 USD from the Apple iTunes Store.

Available here: Soda


  1. Looks very good – but no Spotify-Support (as in other dj-apps)….

    Sieht wirklich gut aus – wenn es jetzt noch Spotify unterstützen würde, würde ich zuschlagen.

    • Möglicherweise eine rechtliche Sache. Wenn gehen sollte, denke ich mir dass es kein Problem ist es einzubauen. Einfach mal den Entwickler anschreiben und vorschlagen 😉

  2. Hey Rüdiger,

    Unfortunately Spotify does not grant licenses to stream tracks faster than normal tempo – which makes it unusable in a Dj context. They do make exceptions – see djay – but that requires a special deal that i doubt we would be able to get.

    We’ll monitor this though, if Spotify or anything comparable allows better usage, we’ll jump right on it 🙂

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