Rozeta Cells Is A New Polyphonic Step Recorder Inside The Rozeta Sequencer Suite

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With the release of iOS 11 back in October, Apple has introduced MIDI output support for iOS AUv3 plugins. The first MIDI sequencer that come onto the market as AUv3 plugin was Bram Bos excellent and versatile Rozeta Sequencer Suite app. This app features 7 different MIDI Audio Units (sequencers, XY, arpeggiator…)  that works perfectly with the new AUv3 MIDI output feature. Today, the developer expanded this app again and added a new device to the Rozeta suite.

New Plugin – Rozeta Cells 

Rozeta Cells is a new polyphonic step recorder that allows musicians to record and play back polyphonic phrases and patterns. With the release of v.1.o4, Rozeta Sequencer Suite features now 8 different AUv3 MIDI plugins.

Rozeta Cells – Polyphonic Step Recorder

Work in progress: Rozeta Cells – Polyphonic Step RecorderThe next Rozeta plugin for the collection. Coming along nicely!

Posted by Ruismaker on Montag, 11. Dezember 2017

Other Changes In The V.1.0.4

  • added “init” buttons for clearing patterns in Bassline, Rhythm and X0X
  • added “Beatmaker 3” pad layout to drum keymap templates
  • internal optimizations

Available here: Rozeta Sequencer Suite 

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