Playing An Experimental Modulation Patch On The Nozoïd MMO-3 Synthesizer

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The nozoïd MMO-3, a west-coast oriented FM Synthesizer from France is still in review. At the weekend, I sat down and created an experimental modulation patch using different modulation types: FM, AM, PM and wave-shaper modulation. To get more live in the patch, I routed the LFO‘s to different destination and tried to use more complex waveforms which is one of the key features of the MMO-3 Synthesizer.

The Result

What I have created in a short time with the MMO-3 Synthesizer is interesting. With the many modulation options and no filter to use, you quickly get very complex sounds. Some additional external effects could even refine and make the sound even more complex and or big. I can say that I like the MMO-3 very much so far, mainly because it offers different sonic possibilities than classic virtual analog Synthesizers.

Unlike most FM synthesizers, the MMO-3 is not limited to a specific modulation routing. All 3 oscillators can be modulated by all other oscillators or LFOs. Modulation parameters are accessible thanks to 9 knobs for an accurate and continuous adjustment of the timbre. Moreover, it’s not only a FM synth : it also offers Phase Modulation, Amplitude Modulation and a custom Wave Shaper modulation technique where an oscillator amplitude can be amplified prior to a wave-shaper in order to add harmonics without frequency variation. Also, a joystick allows for easy manipulation of modulations, for a fast and expressive control of the sound.

Main Features
  • 30 control knobs
  • A joystick to control modulation parameters
  • 3 oscillators
  • FM, AM, PM and Wave Shaping modulation
  • 3 LFOs with complex waveform
  • 1 ADSR
  • 1 MIX (3 channels, stereo)
  • 1 dual VCA
  • 1 dual distortion
  • A very powerful digital connection matrix to control oscillator modulations
  • 2 octaves keyboard with portamento
  • 1 Stereo audio line IN
  • 1 Stereo audio line OUT
  • 1 MIDI input (note / velocity / pitch wheel / control change)
  • 1 analog CV IN and 1 GATE IN

More information here: Nozoïd MMO-3 Synthesizer 

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