Future Audio Workshop Circle² Synthesizer Is Now Available Through The Splice Rent-To-Own System

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Futur Audio Workshop announced that their Circle² Synthesizer plugin is now available via the Splice Rent-to-own platform. For me the best subscription model currently on the market because you pay not yearly for a plugin and don’t own it. Here you pay until you reach a specific amount and after you are the owner of the plugin. The platform also offer Serum as well as Izotope Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 with the same payment system. If you are interested in one of these plugin but don’t have the money to pay it entirely, consider starting a rent-to-own subscription which can be also stopped any time.

Playful. Powerful. Intuitive. Fun. Circle reimagines how modular synthesis can look and work in the digital world, providing powerful synthesis features while maintaining ease of use. The result is an elegant soft synth that has gained a cult following among the vanguard of music producers and been heralded in review after review for its intuitive visualization of sound design.

Features of Circle² Synthesizer

  • As intuitive as patching—without a tangle of cables — Click and drag color-coded circles to the parameters you want to modulate. Preview the effect of a modulation before applying it.
  • An incredible range of sounds — With four oscillator slots, two envelopes, two LFOs, and noise and feedback generators, Circle²’s sound design possibilities are practically endless.
  • Everything in one window — Create seamlessly in a single window interface—no context-shifting to find sub-menus or hidden panels.
  • The only place to try VPS, a new type of synthesis — Developed in partnership with audio researchers at Maynooth University, Vector Phase Shaping is a new type of synthesis available only on Circle².

Future Audio Workshop Circle² is now available through the Splice Rent-to-Own system at $7.99 USD per month with a three day free trial. You can cancel your plan at any time.

More information here: Future Audio Workshop Circle²


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