APD Zero-G 6-In-1 Cinematic Solutions Bundle (80% OFF) Review – A Perfect Sound Tool Box For Friends Of Rich Soundscapes, Drones & Textures

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It’s Christmas time and many software companies are offering their products with good discounts. Also, the deal page Audio Plugin Deals that offers every two weeks a new special offer, comes just before the holidays with a new limited time special bundle. This time, they partnered with the UK-based developer Zero-G and offering together the 6-in-1 Cinematic Solutions Collection, a collection of 6 high-quality sample libraries.

The 6-in-1 Cinematic Solutions Collection features more than 15GB of sample content and includes: 

  • Aftershock,
  • Dark Skies
  • Cyberstorm,
  • Critical Mass
  • Epic Horizons
  • Maximum Force

Normally valued at $500, the bundle is now offered for just $99 USD (80% OFF). Since you often buy the cat in the sack at sample libraries, I had the chance to take a closer look at this deal and to give you a better insight. Also I will tell you what I think about the Audio Plugin Deals offer.

Available here: 6-in-1 Cinematic Solutions Collection 

Zero-G AfterShock – Extreme Audio Cinematics (Atmospheres & FX) 


Zero-G AfterShock, designed by soundtrack composer, DJ and experimentalist Si Begg is a sample library that features 4.34 GB of sample content. The aim of the sound designer was to develop a library based on modern electronic sounds but under the cinematic mantle. The result are near 600 samples ranging from abstract events, bass effects, drones, morphs, transforms, reverse FX to sweeps. The sound files are delivered in classic .wav files but also in various sampler formats:

  • 594 Acidized WAV files
  • 594 AIFF Apple Loops
  • 645 Kontakt Instruments
  • 594 EXS24 Instruments
  • 594 HALion Instruments
  • 594 NN-XT Instruments

Sound Demo 


Zero-G AfterShock is a beautifully designed sample library that took users to new sound worlds. It contains very powerful and exciting sound shapes that are very well suited to set secret and unexplored sci-fi or fantasy worlds to music. The included samples have all a very high, noble sound quality and can be used without hesitation in professional productions. Above all, AfterShock can punctuate through it’s very massive soundscapes and drones, but also through the futuristic sound effects that fit into big soundtracks as well as modern electronic music.

I’m rather divided opinion on the part of the individual sampler patches. Although Zero-G comes with all the best patch formats (Kontakt, EXS24, HALion, NN-XT…), I think it’s a shame that such an excellent sample library has no dedicated Kontakt interface where musicians can process the sounds even further. If ever there was to be a second version, an easy to use interface would be on the wish list. Nonetheless, a great sounding sample library for everyone who want to discover new futuristic sound worlds.

Zero-G Critical Mass – Audioscapes 


Critical Mass – Audioscapes features 3.6 GB of 24bit cinematic audio content and is influenced the latest Hollywood sound design and film scorings. It contains over 750 instruments in EXS24, Kontakt, HALion and NN-XT formats as well as over 700 Acidized Wav Files and Apple Loops and all recorded in 24bit to guarantee the best sound quality. The aim of the library is to offering musicians a wide sound palette for creating TV, cinema and game score compositions but also for EDM producers. The library includes hundreds of atmospheres, soundscapes, drones, textures, hits, FX… but also 30 specially designed production kits that helps to inspire the musician’s imagination.

Sound Demo 



Critical Mass – Audioscapes from Zero-G is like AfterShock a very interesting and very good sounding sample library. The standing sounds were beautifully implemented here. The collection contains very intense soundscapes, drones and textures which can be used by experimental ambient and noise musicians very well. The sounds are not repeated but are designed with the help of different raw materials. Not only the drones should be mentioned here but also the one shot sounds (bells, risers, swells..) that sound very epic. From more natural, mechanical to completely crazy sounds, everything was there.

As in the AfterShock, there is no straightforward designed Kontakt interface here, which is a pity. Especially with soundscapes or textures, an optional advanced Kontakt engine would be practical to process the sounds further. However, the library was able to convince me in the test and it’s perfect for experimental musicians who like all kinds of soundscapes.

Zero-G Cyberstorm 


The third sample library included in this bundle is the Zero-G Cyberstorm designed by Frédéric Devanlay. Cyberstorm features over 2.3 GB of specially crafted sound effects for film and game soundtrack producers. Cyberstorm is a huge toolbox of soundscapes, movements, drones, impacts, weapons, voices, whooshes, hits, servos, explosions, and lots more. The concept of this library is all about future robotic warfare with intense mech versus mech combat, close quarters battles and epic futuristic sci-fi action effects. It contains 13000 samples in both Acidized Wav and AIFF file format all recorded in 24bit. On top, each sound is available as EXS24, Kontakt, HALion and NN-XT instrument.

Sound Demo



Earth 2050 and the third world war has broken out. Robots have replaced the tanks and wage a fierce war. This is how you feel when you search and play the Zero-G Cyberstorm Library. Rarely has a sound product catapulted me into this situation so quickly. The included patches sound very lively and put musicians in a fictional futuristic wartime. The library contains sounds of various objects such as automatic doors, build-in electronic devices, helicopters, vehicles and much more that immediately reminds you of well-known futuristic war films.

Cyberstorm is a very specific library and may not be the right product for traditional musicians. But more for film, TV and game sound designers looking for massive sounding explosions, dark soundscapes or sound images of weapons. Again there is no advanced interface for Kontakt for further sound processing which is a bit of shame. If you want to set an epic sci-fi movie to music with lots of artistry and action, then the Cyberstorm sample library by Zero-G is perfect for you.

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