Ableton Link Has Arrived In VCV Rack & Music Thing Modular Turning Machine Released

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Excellent news coming today from the VCV Rack community. Stellare Modular, a third-party developer released today three new powerful modules for the VCV rack software modular Synthesizer.

Big welcome for Ableton Link in VCV Rack 

The first new module will make happy every Ableton Live user. Link is a new module which brings the Ableton Link protocol to VCV Rack. This technology allows to link this modular soft synth with other link-enabled applications (PC/Mac/iOS). To get the best sync results, the developers included an offset control that can reduce the latency coming from the Link connection.


Virtual version of the Music Thing Modular Turning Machine 

Second big release of Stellare Modular is an emulation of the Music Thing Modular Turning Machine that is best known from the Eurorack world. Same as the original (designed by Tom Withwell) is the VCV rack based on the original designs of the MK2 modules. The Turning machines is excellent module for creating looped random voltages.


Last but not least, Stellare Modular also introduced a blank panel module.

The new Stellare Modular modules are now available as a free download from GitHub. If you use these modules a lot, please consider making a little donation for the developer.

More information here: Stellare Modular


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