The New Soundtoys Little Plate Captures The Rich & Spacious Sound Of The EMT 140S Plate Reverb (Free For Limited Time)

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Free plugins are always nice and Soundtoys has helped in recent months with interesting free plugins (for limited time). Today, they announced Little Plate, a new effect plugin that models the rich and spacious sound of best known plate reverbs. In the development process, Soundtoys collected a large amount of plate reverbs from around the world and includes five different emulations of the EMT 140s in this plugin. To make it useable in modern productions, they added some new features like a modulation switch and infinite reverb tails. The best thing is: Little Plate is available now for through November 22nd, 2017. So don’t miss to download this new plugin from Soundtoys for free.

The original EMT 140, with its mechanical and possibly asbestos-clad damping plate, could vary its reverberation decay time from 1 to 5 seconds. Little Plate offers a broader range of decay times: as short as half a second for super tight ambience effects, to truly cavernous extended decay times up to infinity for unique and creative frozen reverb sounds.

When Mod is switched on, chaotic variations are used to add life and movement to the reverberation effect. The Low Cut and Mix knobs help to dial in the perfect reverb sound quickly and easily.

Features of Soundtoys Little Plate

  • Add the sound of vintage plate reverb to your tracks.
  • Push beyond the limits of the hardware with extended reverb decay time.
  • Create infinite reverb effects that never decay.
  • Optional Modulation for natural-sounding variation in the reverb tail.
  • Low Cut filter to tame low frequency build-up.
  • 25 distinct presets to quickly dial in a sound.

Soundtoys Little Plate is now available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) for free through November 22nd, 2017. After November 22nd, the regular price will be $99 USD.

More information here: Soundtoys 

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