Rob Papen Released SubBoomBass 2 Synthesizer: New GUI, Karplus-Strong String Synthesis & More

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Rob Papen released today the further development of his SubBoomBass Synthesizer for PC & Mac. The new version features an expanded oscillator selection including new spectrum waveforms and new high-quality samples. On top, the engine includes an all new Karplus-Strong string synthesis.

Beside the new oscillator features, SubBoomBass 2 now features the X/Y interface known from the other Rob Papen plugins and a new creative pattern mode that allows musicians to run 4 sequences. It comes also with a new easy to use Bank Manager with ratings and several new designed presets. Rob Papen already announced on his Facebook page that NKS support will coming soon.

ECHT, THE NETHERLANDS: virtual instrument and effect plug-in developer Rob Papen Soundware is proud to announce availability of SubBoomBass 2 succeeding the award-winning, self- explanatory floor-shaking SubBoomBass soft synth with the original (often) bass-heavy presets all present and accounted for alongside an abundance of new features and new sound colours to take things closer to the (cutting) edge — as of November 24…

It is immediately obvious to the naked eye that SubBoomBass 2’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) is on the receiving end of a musical makeover making for more comfortable control of all its fanciful features. Fortunately for fans of the original soft synth, SubBoomBass 2 retains its much-loved modelled analogue waveform-driven warmth, but brings into being a brave new world of new sound colours courtesy of supplemental spectrum waveforms, with high-quality thinking outside of the box-style samples sitting alongside a welcome inclusion of Karplus-Strong string synthesis — a method of physical modelling synthesis that loops a short waveform through a filtered delay line to simulate the sound of a hammered or plucked string or some types of percussion. Put it this way: with so much musical firepower placed at adventurous users’ fingertips, SubBoomBass 2 surely sets loose some seriously fresh-sounding and hitherto unheard sounds… above and beyond the (arguably) restrictive realms of dance production with which SubBoomBass first found its musical mark so beautifully.

But, Rob Papen being Rob Papen, there is so much more to SubBoomBass 2 than might first meet the eye… enter an X/Y screen (which will already be familiar to owners of the company’s critically-acclaimed BLUE-II and RAW soft synths both designed differently for different musical motivation in mind); access an all-new SEQUENCER (capable of running four patterns); plus an easy-to-use BANK MANAGER (with ‘star’ feature for speedily searching for favourites — whether user- created or one of the trademark Rob Papen professionally-programmed presets presented in their thousands). Speaking of which, all of the original SubBoomBass (sometimes) bass-heavy presets are all present and accounted for, so SubBoomBass 2 can capably boom and shake-shake-shake the room with the very best — bigger and better than its predecessor, possibly!

SubBoomBass 2 allows anyone to creatively compliment any style of contemporary music at any time — whether working on video game or film scores, or anything in between and beyond. After all, fellow high-flying Dutchman and original SubBoomBass supporter Tom Holkenberg (a.k.a. Junkie XL) started out on the dance floor, fraternising with worldwide chart positions, and ended up on the big screen as a hotshot Hollywood film scorer. Similarly, SubBoomBass 2 is surely set to become another success story for Rob Papen. Anything is possible… just ask Junkie XL! 

Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2 (VST/AU/AAX) is available now for 99 EUR/USD. Owners of SubBoomBass are eligible to upgrade to SubBoomBass 2 for 39 EUR/USD. SubBoomBass 2 is also included in the eXplorer4 bundle.

More information: Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2 

Available: Rob Papen eXplorer 4 

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