Endorphin.es Updated The Shuttle Control With MPE Support & Opened A New Door For Extraordinary Sounds

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The Barcelona based company Endorphin.es just released an exciting firmware update for the Shuttle Control. The latest firmware update adds support for MPE devices such as the ROLI Seaboard or Roger Linn’s LinnStrument. This major firmware update opened a new door for extraordinary and unheard sounds. With each note, you can now trigger a different sound which greatly extends the whole sound spectrum. Especially now, you can great very deep and evolving drones that can be controlled via an MPE controller. It’s amazing to see that the MPE standard just arrived in the Eurorack world built-in a USB MIDI to CV interface.

Beside this new very creative and musical feature, the developers improves the workflow with some good MIDI adjustments. With this major update, the Endorphin.es Shuttle Control becomes even more powerful and is a must have for everyone who need an advanced USB MIDI to CV interface with modern features.

New inside the Firmware v.3.8

  • MPE implementation
  • MIDI clock delay eliminated. Initially that delay was set manually to a few extra samples to fit Machinedrum’s audio output while MD’s
  • MIDI clock advanced ahead its audio out
  • Increased dividers for MIDI Clock sync’d LFOs for more musical values (PPQN: /12, /24, /48, /96) so that LFO are slower
  • CC#14 is reserved for setting the amplitude of LFOs (tap, sync, cc based). By default (when no CC#14 is sent or CC#14 value is 127)is set tomaximum (full amplitude) CC#14 value of 0 corresponds to silent output of certain LFO
  • Shuttle start-up animation updated. Shows current firmware version on power-up
  • Only reserved CC#48 is accepted from MIDI Channel 10. All rest reservedCC numbers can be accepted from a certain set channel
  • Auto-legato is always on. Same checkbox when on – enables all triggers set to 10ms instead to default 1ms.
  • Autolegato on-off (thanks Jon Simon for testing)

More information here: Endorphin.es 

Available here: Endorphin.es 

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