DSPSynthesizers Launched 2HP uMIDI2CVlite Interface – The Cheapest Eurorack USB-MIDI To CV Interface On The Market

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After reporting about the cheapest USB MIDI to CV interface available on the market from DSPSynthesizers, the same developer released recently another interface is even more affordable. The new 2HP uMIDI2CVlite is a simple USB-MIDI2CV interface for the Eurorack world in a 2HP space. This module cost only $19 USD what is an extreme low price for such a utility module. The developer described it as:  Currently the cheapest eurorack USB-MIDI2CV interface available! No Black Friday sale required.

How cheap can you build a eurorack MIDI to CV interface? By shaving off 1HP and 2 jacks the 2HP uMIDI2CVlite sells for $19.
That is cheaper than many passive modules on the market.

The 2HP uMIDI2CVlite is a new module in the Paperface line. It adds a simple USB-MIDI2CV to your eurorack in a 2HP space.


  • One Pitch CV output 1volt/octave, 5 octaves (C2-C7)
  • One Gate output key on/off
  • 2x Drum trigger outputs
  • USB-HID compliant, no driver required
  • 1 Micro-USB input for MIDI and power

The new 2HP uMIDI2CVlite interface the Eurorack format is now available for $19 USD including shipping.

More information here: DSPSynthesizers 

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