Vengeance Sound Updated VPS Avenger Synthesizer To V.1.2.5

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Vengeance Sound updated just before the weekend the excellent VPS Avenger Synthesizer to v.1.2.5. This new update fix a lot of bugs and adds some minor new features. If you are interested in a Synthesizer that includes not only a classical synth engine but also granular synthesis, a drum machine, sampler and more than check out the VPS Avenger Synthesizer.

Some of the features: VPS Avenger is an exclusive 64bit Synthesizer with: a wavetable /resampling synth engine, freeform oscillators (draw your own waveforms), FM & AM modulation, granular synthesis, drum computer, sample playback, 47 filter types, 30 FX types and much more.

New in VPS Avenger 1.2.5

  • Added: Progress bar for function “publish expansion”.
  • Fixed: ARP muting itself on touching notes.
  • Fixed: Minor issue on loading NPoint Envelopes.
  • Fixed: Aliasing chorder oscs when VSAW num oct parameter = 1.
  • Fixed: Rare click sounds that were audible on voice start while send-fx strength was modulated.
  • Fixed: Renaming a preset and using prev/next arrows did load the wrong preset.
  • Fixed: Sample name for user samples in the stacker is displayed correct.
  • Fixed: MIDI CC import did not update GUI, import did append the list instead of replacing it.
  • Fixed: Wrong initial values for mixer volumes after preset load. this caused some “pop” sound in specific circumstances (1.2.4).
  • Fixed: Issue with AM-FM filter in the filter module which have been very slow (1.2.4).
  • Added: Cursor key support for the preset view in the content search (1.2.4).
  • Fixed: using right-arrow in the new sound browser did accidentally load a new preset instead of the selected sound (1.2.4).
  • Fixed: missing drum-sequencer notes (1.2.4).
  • Improved: Avenger loading time (1.2.4).
  • Added: System-ID locked licenses (1.2.3).
  • Added: new Avenger skin: Chrono_Jade by SatYa (1.2.3).
  • Fixed: high CPU usage on some filter models while no audio was playing (1.2.3).
  • New mode: if you right-click on the Drumkit lock buttons, they will lock all except the clicked button (1.2.3).
  • Fixed: Crash that occurs while loading a sample while playing notes (1.2.3).
  • Fixed: Crash in the new sound browser (1.2.3).
  • Fixed: Crash on loading VPS Avenger (1.2.3).
  • Win: Fixed importing expansions from folders that containing UTF8 chars (1.2.3).
  • Fixed: Drumkit browser lock-state is was not remembered when reopening the GUI (1.2.3).
  • Fixed: Rare problem with double drum sequencer notes on loop (1.2.3).
  • Fixed: Minichain FX “Drum SQ BD” Triggermode (1.2.3).
  • Fixed: Logic-problem when OSC voice limit was set to 1, ARP was active for a OSC and Wavetable trigger was set to “FIRST” (1.2.3).
  • Under certain environments preset loading time is faster now (1.2.3).
  • Dozens of small improvements and minor bug-fixes (1.2.3).
  • Preparations under the hood for the next synthesis module (1.2.3).

Available here: Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger Synthesizer 

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