The New PlayAUDIO12 By iConnectivity Is The Ultimate Live Audio & MIDI Interface For PC & Mac

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iConnectivity announced today a new audio interfaces specially designed for live musicians. Usually, audio interfaces are used in studios and less on stages. The new PlayAUDIO12 interface can change that however. The company described this new advanced interface as a “bullet-proof, fail-proof” solution for control and playback audio tracks, virtual instruments, and MIDI devices. The PlayAUDIO12 comes with 10x 1/4” TRS balanced audio outputs for low noise connections on any stage, an integrated +48v phantom power protection on outputs that protects your interface from accidental damage when plugging directly into consoles or stage boxes and two USB’s connection of up to 2 computers simultaneously.

The failover solution for live performances in the new PlayAUDIO12 is based on two connected computers via the USB ports. Each machine is connected directly to the interface and build a strong redundancy system. Cool is here, should the musician’s main computer (PC&Mac) fail, PlayAUDIO12 switches extremely fast to the backup computer. The switch to the new computer is so fast that the performer and the audience may not even notice the change. On top, the backing racks keep playing in time and MIDI gear stays connected.

iConnectivity has also developed a new software for controlling perfectly this new live interface. The PlayAUDIO12 ships with the new iConnectivity Auracle, an intuitive and easy-to-use control software. Auracle allows musicians to quickly integrate all audio and midi connections in some minutes. The company described this process in this short sentence: lets you do it in minutes, not hours”.

In my opinion, an exciting new interface especially for musicians that want to use hardware as well as software instruments & effects on the stage. Since software instruments/effects are seen often as an obstacle on the stage, this new product can build a bridge between hardware and software. Looking forward to hear some feedbacks from artists.

Features of PlayAUDIO12

  • 10x 1/4” TRS balanced audio outputs, for low noise connections on any stage.
  • Integrated +48v phantom power protection on outputs protects your interface from accidental damage when plugging directly into consoles or stage boxes
  • 1x 1/4” TRS stereo headphone output for convenient headphone monitoring
  • 2x USB ‘B’ ports for connection of up to 2 computers simultaneously
  • Automatic and manual computer switching modes, for lightning fast switching between connected computers
  • USB-MIDI Host Port supports a USB-MIDI Class-Compliant device (add a USB hub and connect up to eight USB-MIDI devices)
  • 4-port Ethernet MIDI for rugged long-distance MIDI connections
  • 12 MIDI ports, 16 channels per port
  • iConnectivity’s new Auracle software (download for Mac/Windows) makes it simple to create and save your audio and MIDI routing and mixer presets.
  • Capacitive touch control with clear metering for dark stages.
  • Easy, software-less control over PlayAUDIO12’s key features from the front panel
  • 2 button “Control In” footswitch input allows manual computer switching and/or user-assignable controls
  • Control Out connection for slaving additional PlayAUDIO12 units
  • Studio sound quality for the live arena – up to 24-bit/96kHz DA conversion.
  • USB Audio 2.0 and USB MIDI 1.0 Class-compliant.

The iConnectivity PlayAudio12 will be available in late October for a street price of $499.99 USD (suggest retail price $599.99 USD)

More information here: iConnectivity PlayAUDIO 12


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