Quadelectra Celebrates Its 5th Birthday With 5 Free CV Utility Rack Extensions For Reason For Limited Time

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Happy Birthday Quadelectra. The software company celebrates today its 5h birthday. To share this special moment with their customers, the company offers for limited time 5 CV utility rack extension (CV Suite) for Reason. There is no information how long this offer will be online. If you have Reason, don’t miss to download the 5 free excellent rack extensions.

CV Suite Vectorizer

CV Suite Vectorizer uses the enhancements of the 2.0 Rack Extension SDK to bring vector control capabilities to your Reason Rack. Control six different parameters with just one “touch” (click) on the display, to modulate any available CV parameter of your gear.

CV Suite Parametrix

CV Suite Parametrix is the third “child” of our CV Suite Line series… This is a simple straightforward and very handy device that will turn any CV Input in an automatable parameter.Four individual parameter to CV converters can be controlled per device. You can select whether each parameter will expand across bipolar or unipolar range… All parameters can be named by clicking to the label tapes next to the headings. An additional dedicated CV Modulation Input is provided per parameter, the range (trim knob) and the appliance of which you can set and automate too from the front panel.

CV Suite Line Mixer

The Quadelectra CV Suite Line Mixer is a new innovative Rack Extension device that allows you to mix and manipulate CV Signals. The device offers four groups, each capable of mixing 4 CV input signals. The four groups can be used in parallel, providing 4 separate mix outputs, or you can use them all together utilizing the mixer section and finally mix their 4 outputs using the “Post Function” Group. You can of course change the polarity of any of the input signals, from the front panel. In contrast to audio mixing and because of their nature, CV signals can be joined together in a number of different ways. The CV Line Mixer provides a total of nine algorithms for mixing, each producing a different result.

CV Suite Signal Repeater

Welcome the CV Suite Signal Repeater from Quadelectra! The fourth member of our CV Suite line of products. With the Signal Repeater you can insert up to four adjustable delays to an input CV signal, and output them separately using the four independent delay units. You can use time or step measurement as delay units, and also modulate the delay using the input from another CV source. Delay time transitions run smoothly, like in audio delays, increasing and decreasing the distance between the read and the write ‘heads’.

CV Suite Line Processor

The Quadelectra CV Suite Line Processor is a pretty little Rack Extension device for Propellerhead Reason that enables you to shape any CV Signal in a number of ways. Invert Polarity, cut values over and under certain limits and add foldback distortion to the trimmed out ranges if you want. Warp the incoming signal inside a specific range and change the balance position (zero crossing) up or down. Sample and hold the signal in constant time or song measure intervals using the quantizer, and smooth out the steps between transitions. Shape, using the bloat / pucker shaper to alter the dynamic curve, pushing up or pulling down to zero crossing, distorting your otherwise linear distributed signal. Treat Unipolar signals as if they where bipolar using the UP / BP switch at the back. Automate all of the front panel parameters, or use other CV signals to perform changes.

The CV Suite by Quadelectra is available for free only for limited time. We don’t have informations how long this offer will be online. If you have the chance, download it and celebrate the 5th birthday of Quadelectra with these nice free rack extensions.

More information here: Quadelectra 

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