WerkBench Sample Sequencer Is Back With iOS 11 Compatibility, Audiobus 3 & Other Major New Features

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WerkBench ist back with a big update. This app is already a bit older but was one of the first innovative and performance-oriented apps for iOS. WerkBench is combines an excellent live sampler with a sequencer engine where you can sequence any recorded sounds from the microphone per example. This allows you to create in seconds very interesting sequences with any kind of sounds. An excellent app for live performances.

The new update brings iOS 11 compatibility (64 bit), AudioBus 3 and several new effects. On top, the developers enhance the graphics of the app and adds very cool new step automations to the app. If you love live sampling and sequencing than check out this great app.

Available here: WerkBench 

New in Version 3.0.0

This is a huge update:


  • iOS11 compatibility
  • Audiobus 3 (Audio receiver and sender, MIDI receiver)
  • All new graphics

More effects:

  • Reverb (decay, color, and mix), independent sends for each sample
  • Bit crusher
  • High-pass filter in instrument controls.

More step-editing/automation parameters:

  • Attack
  • Reverb sends
  • Bit crusher down-sampling per step
  • Low-pass filter

New ways to interact 

  • All step-automation parameters can be recorded in real time.
  • All step-automation parameters can be randomized.
  • Step-automation can be preserved when sampling (letting you pre-program melodies, etc. before sampling).

New file format 

  • Easy sharing and importing between devices:
  • .werk files can be made by zipping a folder of wavs and renaming the extension.
  • And vice versa, you can unzip .werk files on your computer to get the .wav files that were recorded in Werkbench.

Engine stuff:

  • Longer sample times (2x as long as before)
  • Wider pitch range (up to 8 octave range per sample).
  • 64 note max polyphony (configurable)
  • Tempo goes up to 999 BPM

Available here: WerkBench

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