The New Tagtool App Is Now Available – Transform Your iPad Into A Visual Live Instrument

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To create visuals during a concert often requires more knowledge than just graphical talent. Often you have to understand complicated programs before creating visuals for a live performance. Another factor is certainly the cost. Visualization programs can also be very expensive and if you only use them very rarely, it’s not a good investment.

OMA International, a young company from Vienna try to solve this problems with one affordable app for Android and iOS. The New Tagtool is a new free app that transforms your iPad into a visual live instrument. Already with the free version, the app allows a lot and gives each user an easy-to-use interface for painting and designing their own animations. If you want to go further and want to use advanced features like different painting or animation functions than you can upgrade the app via the Pro in-App-purchase.

During ARS Electronica 2017, I received a presentation of this new app and was impressed what you can create. An important feature is missing at the moment and I hope a lot that it’s will coming soon. Currently, it’s very complicated to export animations and use them later in own videos per example. Nonetheless, I recommend to check out this new amazing free painting and visualization app.

Available here: The New Tagtool

The app transforms a multitouch tablet into a visual live instrument. By connecting a digital projector, artists can paint and animate on the surfaces of walls or entire buildings. Tagtool is used by creatives in over 60 countries, has received multiple awards, and was featured by Apple in videos shown at the WWDC keynote in 2014 and 2016. The new Tagtool has been rebuilt from scratch and builds on a decade’s worth of experience with interactive projection painting.

It includes several exciting new features:

  • Decks — allows saving and organizing animated content in “decks”, and load it into the scene on demand.
  • Loop Bar — animations are visualized in a timeline view and can be manipulated intuitively.
  • Duplicate — layers can be duplicated in order to quickly build up complex scenes.
  • Rewind — drawings can be rewound seamlessly.
  • Learn Mode — an interactive guide explaining the user interface.

Like with the previous version of Tagtool, multiple users can collaborate in a common workspace. The new Tagtool will be available for free in its basic version.

The Pro version provides advanced brush controls, unlimited decks and the ability to create multiplayer sessions. Users can upgrade from within the app for 8.99$ / 9.99€.

This release is a major milestone for the Tagtool project and the worldwide user community. It’s the start of a continuous development phase of the tool, with new features and platforms already on the roadmap.

Check out here the presentation from ARS Electronica

Available here: The New Tagtool


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