Synth News 017: Discover Everything That Happened Last Week In The Synth World

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A week is over again and we are already in September. What happened last week in the Synth world, you will find in the new Synth News episode. Thanks for watching in advance and for your continuous support.

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Grayscale Dual Algorithmic Oscillator

Moog Music Subsequent 37 Synthesizer:

Dave Smith Instruments REV2 Desktop Synthesizer:

Parawave Audio Rapid v.1.1

BeepStreet Zeeon for IOS:

Dillon Bastan Iota Granular Synth:

UVI Vintage Vault 2:

UVI OB Legacy:

Tone2 Saurus 2.5 Synthesizer:

Klevgränd SyndtSphere for iOS & Plugin:

Freeware Synthesizer PC & Mac list

Synth Tip Of The Week

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