Sinevibes Announced High Sierra Compatibility & Drift Multi-Effect Plugin Available For FREE

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Apple has released High Sierra this week and as usual, musicians have to be very careful before they perform a system update. Here should above all be examined whether the used DAW’s as well as plugins you always used are already compatible with the new OSX version. This process on the part of the manufacturers can take some time but there are already some who confirmed High Sierra compatibility for their plugins.

One of these first companies is Sinevibes. They announced today High Sierra compatibility for their entire range of plugins. Beside this news, Sinevibes also updated their Drift dual chaos multi-effect plugin to v.3.2 and made it available for free. One downside is that this gift is only available for macOS users. Drift is an absolute sound design no-brainer because it can produce very experimental textures. Don’t miss this gift.

Drift is based on two independent Lorenz chaos oscillators: these systems are used by scientists to model convection in liquids and gases: they produce chaotically fluctuating, never-repeating signals that are mutually correlated. Drift uses one Lorenz oscillator to apply two-dimensional modulation onto an effect unit with filters, phasers and phasers – and another such oscillator is applied onto output level and stereo pan. With this, Drift is able to give any sound the dynamic characteristics of wind gusts, air turbulence, ocean waves or water bubbles.

All of Drift’s functionality is neatly presented by an intuitive interface wholly built with color-coded graphics. It features graphic representations of the two Lorenz oscillators as well as subtle animations for all controls, for a pleasant, natural user experience. Together with careful parameter calibration, this makes Drift an always enjoyable, yet very musical and productive tool.

You can download it for free here: Sinevibes Drift 

Available here: Sinevibes Plugins 

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