Shimmer, Plate, Spring, Formant & More – Everything You Get In The New XenoVerb Reverb Plugin By Audiority

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Reverbs, reverbs, reverbs. I think it’s the reverb plugin week. Rob Papen and Numerical Audio announced already this week new versatile reverb plugins. Audiority thought we could do that too and published today XenoVerb a new reverb plugin for PC and Mac. Interesting is that this new release features 10 different algorithms which range from classic to very special programs.

My highlight in this release is the shimmering algorithm because it’s rare to find shimmering reverbs in the plugin world. For me personal, the Valhalla Shimmer Reverb is still the king but it will be interesting to check out the quality of XenoVerb. If you search a new reverb plugin with different algorithms, than check out this new release.

Available here: Audiority XenoVerb 

XenoVerb is a versatile reverb processor featuring both classic and creative reverb algorithms delivering a wide range of reverbs with a clean and simple interface.

Algorithms overview 

Room: A flexible room algorithm useful to create classic environments ranging from small studios to large dancing clubs.

Hall: A classic yet versatile hall reverb ranging from small concert venues to huge canyons. The smooth reflections and soft building tail are beautiful on pianos, drums and vocals.

Plate 1: A simplified version of a classic plate algorithm found in late ‘70s hardware processors.

Plate 2: An extended version of a classic plate algorithm found in late ‘70s hardware processors. Very smooth, great on vocals, drums and pads.

Springy: A fully algorithmic spring tank reverberator. Dirty, ringing and metallic, great on guitars and to add sparkle to synth and percussions.

Glass (FDN): A modern highly diffusive and transparent reverb. This versatile algorithm can be used on any source material and can range from small ambiences to outer world spaces.

Flow: A lush, smooth, hugely diffusive creative reverb based on the ‘90s hardware processors, where a lot of allpass blocks were used to create dense late reverberation. The result is a lush, soft building reverb, great for pads, guitars, voices and creative sound design.

Shimmer: A smooth reverb with a dual pitch shifter in a feedback loop creates an evolving harmonizing soundscape. That’s a classic effect pioneered by Eno, Lanois and U2’s The Edge.

Bode: A weird sound design oriented algorithm made by placing a frequency shifter in the reverb feedback loop. Useful to create metallic resonances and drones.

Formant: A creative reverb algorithm featuring a formant filter before the reverb tank.

Features of Xenoverse

  • 10 Reverb Algorithms: Room, Hall, Plate 1, Plate 2, Springy, Glass, Flow, Shimmer, Bode, Formant
  • Over 250 presets
  • Pre Delay
  • Diffusion
  • Modulation
  • Tone Control
  • Reverb Freeze
  • Soft Limiter

Audiority XenoVerb is now available for PC & Mac (VST2, AU & AAX) for 40€ (regular priced 50€)

Available here: Audiority XenoVerb 


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