Samplebot By A Tasty Pixel Is A New Intuitive & Performance Oriented Live Sample Sequencer For iOS

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Michael Tyson, one of the developers of the Audiobus app has a new release to celebrate. It’s not like many think the Loopy Masterpiece edition but a new app which is manly focused on live performance. Samplebot is a new intuitive performance oriented live sample sequencer for iOS. Simple record or import samples and play them back in a sequence. Fun is here the point. By sampling every kind of sounds from your daily life per example, Samplebot offers you endless sequence possibilities. In my opinion, amazing new release from Michael.

Available here: Samplebot by A Tasty Pixel


Samplebot is a collector of sounds. It’s a crafter of songs. It’s a finger-drummable looping sequencer of rainbow glory, and it wants to be your friend. Come. Play. Robo-boogie.


  • Record or import samples, then play them back on beautiful, sproingy rainbow pads!
  • Then record or input arrangements using the sequencer, featuring built-in drum patterns, loop record and playback, quantization and copy/paste
  • Trim samples, and adjust volume and balance for the perfect mix
  • Share your creations to Facebook, or export them to other music apps
  • Comprehensive MIDI control with velocity, for play using a grid controller like the Launchpad
  • Helpful and fun-loving intro tutorial

Check out here the introduction video by Doug from the Sound Test Room 

Available here: Samplebot by A Tasty Pixel

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