Propellerhead’s New Layers Rack Extension Invite You To Discover The Synth Sounds From The 80s & 90s

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Surprise! The rack extension market continues to exist and almost every week new products are launched, although Reason has been able to load VST plugins for several months now. Many thought of the end of their own format but nope, it still there and grows. Propellerhead Software released today Layers, a new “Quadrasonics” sample player for the rack extension format that includes a big sample collection of vintage Synthesizers. The sound designers sampled a selection of best known vintage synths like the Alesis Andromeda A6, Roland Juno-60 or the Oberheim Matrix. The final result is a massive sample library packed inside a modern rack extension interface that allows musicians to layers 4 different synths together and to create your favourite vintage synth sounds. A trigger sequencer and several effects round down this new product.

It reminds me of the UVI Synth Anthology 2 or the IK Multimedia Syntronik collection because you can do the same in these programs but only with more sound design options. In summary, an interesting new product that invite Reason users to discover 80s and 90s synth sounds.

“Layers is a new type of Rack Extension instrument that provides great sounding samples from some of the most sought-after synths,” stated Mats Karlöf, Propellerhead Product Manager. “In addition to the great sounding samples, Layers also offers the flexibility to create and design your own sounds or access an expansive library of patches from expert sound designers.”

The bulk of the Layers sample set was created by recording a collection of rare and sought-after synthesizers from the golden age of analog. The instruments sampled include Alesis Andromeda A6, Roland Juno-60, Jupiter-4, Korg Poly-800, Moog Prodigy, Waldorf Microwave, and Oberheim Matrix, to name a few*.

With four separate layers of samples, comprehensive effects and modulation, and a built-in step sequencer to trigger your sounds, Layers is the instrument that will bring out your best ideas when you need them. You can skip straight to the music with Layers’ built-in patches from expert sound designers, or get creative and create your own sounds from Layers’ first-class sample sets. With an easy-to grasp interface, it’s easier than ever to bring out your own rich, evolving synth sounds to suit your musical needs.

Features Layers

  • Pristine samples from vintage keyboards and acoustic instruments.
  • Four separate sample playing layers.
  • Creative step sequencer.
  • Advanced sound sculpting tools.
  • Great library of patches from expert sound designers.

Layers is available now with an introductory 30% OFF discount until September 30th, 2017. The regular price is 99 EUR/USD.

More informations here: Layers 

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