Price Drop In Europe! Behringer DeepMind 12 Synthesizer Is Now Available For 999€ & Will The Prices Of The 12D & 6 Also Change Now?

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I have good news for all those interested in a Behringer DeepMind 12 Synthesizer purchase. A few months ago, it was released in Europe for a price of 1199 € ($999 USD) and this price was already great for an 12 voice poly synth. Today, I received the information that near all big Europe music online retailers drop the price of it to 999€. Compared to the original retail price, that’s a big price difference of 200€ for the same instrument. After the device is now a few months on the market, European customers would finally enjoy the better price. The DeepMind 12 was officially presented with a price of $999 USD but was offered in Europe for nearly 1200€.


It will certainly be interesting how the prices of the other two DeepMind products (12D & 6) will develop. There is for the same price the Desktop version available and in my opinion it’s now to high. So I think that this model will be also lowered in the near future by up to €200 in the price , that the distance between both products exist again. If Behringer will drop the price of the DeepMind 12D to 799€, i’m pretty sure that they will sell even more devices.


If it really comes to a price reduction with the desktop model, so I think that the price for the 6 voice model will also change. Currently there is just a price difference of over 200€ between the DeepMind 6 and 12. If they don’t change the price of the smaller one, there will be less interest because for just 200€ more, you receive 12 voices, a bigger interface and more keys.


It will be worthwhile how the prices are developing in the next days/weeks. If it really comes to such changes, many early-bird buyers can be somewhat disappointed by this big price updates.


  • Velocity- and aftertouch-enabled 49-note keyboard
  • Extensive use of discrete components
  • 12-voice mono-timbral analog polysynth
  • 2 DCOs per voice, Noise generator
  • DCO sync and voice unison detune options
  • 256 presets; 1024 patch memory locations arranged in 8 banks of 128
  • 2/4-pole lowpass filter, additional highpass filter
  • 3 envelopes: VCA, VCF, and assignable Mod
  • Each voice features an independent LFO
  • Unison mode with Detune fader
  • Extensive 8-bus modulation matrix
  • 4 integrated digital effects engines with 4 parts and over 30 types of FX
  • Hard-wire effects bypass
  • Arpeggiator/32-step sequencer with gate-time control
  • All parameters controllable via Wi-Fi, editable via PC and tablet apps
  • USB, MIDI connections

Available here: Behringer DeepMind 12

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