Percussa’s Upcoming Super Signal Processor Will Be Equipped With Granular Synthesis

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Bert from Percussa messaged me just before the weekend that they reached another stretch goal on Kickstarter for their interesting Super Signal Processor. The SSP is a powerful Eurorack which is based of the most powerful quad-core ARM Cortex A17 processors currently available, running an optimized linux mainline (v4) kernel, custom DSP software and professional audio I/O drivers. With the new Stretch Goal #2, Bert announced that the SSP will receive a granular processor with even more advanced feature. Check below a nice demo of this engine.

Today we recorded a short video of the granular processor (version 1 with basic features, see previous kickstarter update) we programmed the past couple of days. You can watch it below.In the video we go into detail about the parameters as well as show the possibilities of modulating the processor using LFOs.

We explore what can be done with a simple “hallelujah” choir sample and one instance of our granular processor. When we reach Stretch goal #2 we will add even more features to this granular processor, such as additional windows (sine window, gaussian window, etc), modulation possibilities, different statistical distributions for amplitudes, etc etc.

The sample used is Polyphonic HALLELUJAH (2x) by Capella Ducis / klankbeeld on, credit at the end of the video.

More informations here: Percussa SSP 


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