Numerical Audio’s New iTALIZER Synthesizer For iOS Let You Design Crazy Dub Siren Sounds & More

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The Numerical Audio Team is actually known for its numerous good sounding effects plugins and iOS apps. Today the developers open a new product range. With the release of iTALIZER Dub Siren, they released a new performance Synthesizer for iOS that allows you design authentic dub and reggae sounds. It would be somewhat boring if this new Synthesizer can only be active in this genre. From the older iOS apps, you know that the Numerical Audio products are very versatile to use. So also the new Dub Siren Synthesizer.

It features a virtual analog synth voice including a multi wave oscillator, two LFO’s, one envelope/vca combination and a build-in tape delay. A build-in X/Y touch controller transforms this simple Synthesizer in a powerful instrument for live performances. As usual for Numerical Audio apps, it comes with the full range of audio connectivities: AUv3, Audiobus (filter), Inter-App Audio and Ableton Link support. So one other Synthesizer is on the iOS market, but with a slightly different concept.

Available here: Numerical Audio iTALIZER Synthesizer 

Italizer is designed to create authentic dub and reggae sounds but it goes much further than that…

Synth Voice 

  • High quality OSC
  • 5 Waveforms (Sine, Saw, Square, Triangle, Noise)
  • 2 LFOs (1x Sine, 1x Square)
  • 2 pole lowpass filter
  • Fixed Envelope/VCA

Tape Delay

  • Authentic Emulation
  • Effect Send Control
  • Delay Time Control
  • Feedback Control
  • Loop mode
  • Capable of self-oscillation

X/Y Pad

  • Color: Bass
  • Color: Treble
  • Color: Crossover
  • Color: Mod Amount
  • Color: Mod Frequency
  • Color: Mix


  • Standalone (USB-Audio)
  • Standalone (MIC)
  • Audio Unit Extension
  • Audiobus (Filter)
  • Inter-App Audio (Effect)
  • Ableton Link (Tempo)

Talizer (Universal Application) is available on the Apple AppStore now at a discounted price of $4.99 (intro offer, ends October 3rd) and regularly sells for $9.99.

Available here: Numerical Audio iTALIZER Synthesizer 


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