Klevgränd Released SyndtSphere – A New Synthesizer That Allows You To Surf Through Sounds

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Klevgränd released today SyndtSphere, a new Synthesizer that includes a new approach to play with a Synthesizer. Normally, you can find in plugins or apps big interfaces with a massive amount of faders and sliders. SyndtSphere thinks different and doesn’t come with full featured GUI but invite musicians to play with a three dimensional sphere. Here you can morph through a bunch presets and find there the perfect sound. Interesting new and affordable music app from Klevgränd in my opinion. Super cool is that this app is not really expensive and that the AU /VST version for PC/Mac is available for free. So there is no excuse not to try this new Synthesizer.

Available here: SyndtSphere for iOS 

Since a while back, Klevgränd has been working with new ways to interact with virtual interfaces. One of the ideas ended up in a remake of their earlier release Syndt. Instead of presenting a UI with knobs and sliders, the user gets a bunch of presets wrapped on a three dimensional sphere. By rotating the sphere (just click and drag), internals in the synth engine will be morphed and the sound will change. There’s also a few traditional parameters for global settings.


  • Highly innovative interface, seamlessly browse between 70+ professionally made presets
  • Save current state
  • Ping pong delay
  • Legato mode with glide speed parameter
  • Pitch bend range

SyndtSphere is now available for iPad & iPhone (iOS /AUv3) for $1.99. (iPhone 6 / iPad Air or better)

SyndtSphere for Windows & Mac (VST/Mac) is available for free.

Available here: SyndtSphere for iOS 

More informations here: SyndtSphere 

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