IK Multimedia’s Syntronik Is Now Available For iOS & Features 17 Powerful Virtual Synthesizers

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In late July, IK Multimedia released with Syntronik an impressive sample-based Synthesizer workstation that includes many ready-to-use professional sounds. Two months later, the company surprised us with a iOS version of Syntronik that comes with all the same features and sound design option. Same as the PC & Mac version, the iOS version features also 17 powerful virtual Synthesizers based on high-quality sample content, several best-known modelled filters and their new developed DRIFT™ technology that emulates the way real analog circuits behave over time.

The PC & Mac version is currently in review and at this point, I can say that the sound quality as well as the sound design features are great. The included sounds in the individual libraries sounds great and are very usable for every genre. For example, the Galaxy library includes new sounds from the Alesis Andromeda Synthesizer that are designed and crafted by the hardware developer Taiho Yamaha himself. Not forget Syntronik is a great app for live musicians because you can split the keys in 4 different zones. Each zone can be mapped to another instrument. So you have one powerful multi-timbral virtual instrument with four different vintage synths.

A little downside. Syntronik doesn’t include a AU version so you can’t use it in multiple instances. For personal, I must have features for all music apps in 2017. In short: if you love old vintage synths and do you want some of these sounds for your iPad than check out this new release. The Syntronik app is free of charge and it includes some free sound play around. If you like more sounds, you can upgrade to the full version or buy individual libraries. At this moment, I would recommend you to the full version because you get more for your money compared to the asking price for each library.

Available here: Syntronik for IOS 

Play the vibe. Hear the magic. Syntronik is IK’s cutting-edge synthesizer that features the sound of the most iconic machines to ever grace the planet. Syntronik comprises 17 powerful virtual synths recreating the legendary sonic signature of 38 of the most sought-after classic analog synthesizers and string machines ever created, recognizable by their elegantly designed, easy-to-navigate interfaces.

Thanks to IK’s exclusive DRIFT™ technology, which emulates the way real analog circuits behave over time, the astounding circuit-modeled filters and the multi-sampled oscillators, Syntronik is the most authentic sounding analog virtual synthesizer to date and is the one-stop solution for musicians, discerning producers and synth aficionados demanding utmost sound quality and extreme playability both live and in the studio. Our team of developers and sound designers worked relentlessly to capture each machine’s “DNA” for the most realistic and flexible instruments possible that maintain the real character of the originals while extending their creative potential even further.

Syntronik offers Multis with 4 parts. Each part has its own synth, dynamic arpeggiator and a dedicated 5-slot effect section for unprecedented sound design flexibility, allowing for highly sophisticated sonic palettes. The instruments available in Syntronik cover an incredibly wide range of sounds, triggering inspiration right from the start with 1200 instrument presets, easily accessible with a smart browser, 200 multis*, 129 arpeggios and much more.


  • 17 virtual synths provide the iconic, timeless sound of 38 legendary machines: (Alesis Andromeda, ARP 2600, ARP String Ensemble (Solina), Elka, Rhapsody 490, Hohner String Performer, Micromoog, Minimoog Model D, Modular Moog, Moog Opus 3, Moog Prodigy, Moog Rogue, Moog Taurus I, Moog Taurus II, Moog Taurus 3, Moog Voyager, Multimoog, Oberheim OB-X, Oberheim OB-Xa, Oberheim SEM, Polymoog, PPG Wave 2.3, Realistic Concertmate MG-1, Roland Juno-60, Roland Jupiter-4, Roland Jupiter-6, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland JX-10, Roland JX-3P, Roland JX-8P, Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings, Roland RS-505 Paraphonic, Roland TB-303 Bassline, Sequential Circuits Prophet-10, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Yamaha CS-01II, Yamaha CS-80, Yamaha GX-1, Yamaha SY99)
  • Dynamic arpeggiators: create complex and compelling rhythmic lines
  • Multis: combine instruments, easily define ranges, split points, FX and sequences for never-heard-before sounds
  • 37 astounding effects: (Black 76, White 2A, Model 670, Parametric EQ, Vintage EQ-1A, Channel Strip, Crusher, Overdrive, Overscream, Lo-Fi, Phonograph, AM Modulation, Ensemble Chorus, Chorus C1, Electric Flanger, FM Modulation, Opto Tremolo, Phaser, Rotary Speaker, Small Phazer, Uni-V, AutoPan, Slicer, LFO Filter, Env Filter, Wah, Multi Filter, Digital Reverb, Digital Delay, Spring Reverb, Tape Echo, Stereo Imager, Amp & Cab Echo, Modern Tube Lead, SVT Classic, Jazz Amp 120)
  • DRIFT™ technology: exact emulation of analog circuit behavior over time
  • 4 analog-modeled classic filters: Moog transistor ladder, Roland’s IR3109 chip, Curtis CEM3320 chip, Oberheim SEM state variable filter
  • Efficient browser: find sounds fast
  • Based on SampleTank 3’s engine
  • 1200 stellar sounding presets
  • 200 carefully edited Multis*
  • 129 ready to use, expressive arpeggios
  • Inter-App Audio and Audiobus compatible.
  • Single models are available separately via in-app purchase
  • Available as a free version (includes 25 presets from all 17 synths)

Available here: Syntronik for IOS 

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