Happy 25th Anniversary Waves Audio & Updates For AudioTrack, L1 & Q10 Plugins

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Happy Birthday Waves Audio. The company is celebrating its 25th anniversary and released in the past years a lot of different excellent plugins. To celebrate the 25 years of innovation, Waves announced new versions of three best known plugins. AudioTrack (channel strip), L1 (Ultramaximizer) and Q10 (Equalizer) are now available in a new version and comes with a redesigned GUI and some additional new features.

Really amazing to hear that Waves finally started to modernize the GUI of their plugins. I really love to use Waves plugins but unfortunately the GUI’s are quite old and hard to read. Hope a lot that they continue with this further development of old plugins. Waves also launched a special Anniversary sale with up to 90% OFF discounts until September 30th, 2017.

Available here: Waves 25th Anniversary Sale

Twenty-five years ago, Waves introduced the world’s first audio plugin, the Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer. With its introduction, Waves not only transformed the way we work in the recording studio, it also created an entirely new industry sector: software-based audio signal processing. The Q10 revolutionized the professional audio industry, transforming the way we work with audio and giving the computer a new status in music recording. For the first time, it offered high-end professional sound quality in the box that was on par with the sound provided by hardware gear.

What was then considered a surprising foray into computer-driven sound processing tools has since become a prevalent industry standard. Waves tools are now being used to improve sound quality in virtually every sector of the audio market, from recording, mixing, mastering and post-production, to broadcast, live sound, and consumer electronics – hence Waves’ motto, “Where there’s sound – there’s Waves.” For its accomplishments, Waves received a Technical GRAMMY® Award in 2011.

These revamped 25th Anniversary editions include new plugin features, as well as a choice between two graphic user interfaces – the classic ‘Legacy’ interface, and the new ‘Modern’ interface created especially for the 25th Anniversary celebrations.

Available here: Waves 25th Anniversary Sale


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