EGSY01 Analog Synth By Elliott Garage Received An Update With Audiobus 3, New Presets & More

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The developer company Elliot Garage released this week an update for their EGSY01 Analog Synth for iPhone and iPad. EGSY01 is a good sounding iOS Synthesizer with excellent features like FM, additive and subtractive synthesis. Also it includes some unique sound manipulation features like a very cool granular effect processor. The new version comes now with a new and improved preset bowser. Audiobus 3 support gives you now the latest standard for connecting your app to other music apps and on top, the developers includes 20 new presets designed by Red Sky Lullably.

Available here: EGSY01 Analog Synth 

With EGSY01 you can create sounds without any limit, from modern ones to vintage analog ones, working with arpeggiator, step sequencer and FM, addictive and subtractive synthesis . The totally brand new audio engine generate your sound mixing 2 oscillators with 4 selectable waveforms, and you can watch the sound created on the oscilloscope screen.

You can set the sounds through the panels “Oscillators”, “ADSR/LFO”, “FM”, “FX” and “Settings”, and play with any master keyboard or MIDI controller (CORE MIDI), or creating a wireless MIDI network, or again sending the audio signal to other apps with InterApp audio or AUDIOBUS.
The keyboard is touch sensitive, and you can modulate the sound by sliding your finger up and down on the keys or moving the pitch modulation (assignable to various parameters of the synth from “Settings” panel). You can also set your favorite musical scale on the keyboard and easily play over your songs. Stereo delay and Arpeggiator steps time can be synchronize in the BPM tempo panel, to generate incredible rythmic figures.

New in Version 2.3.4 

  • New presets browser
  • 20 new presets by Red Sky Lullaby
  • Audiobus 3 support
  • Design optimisation for iPhone screen

Check out here the sound demos from Red Sky Lullaby

Available here: EGSY01 Analog Synth 

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