Donner Tutti Love Chorus Pedal Review – A 26€ Chorus Pedal For Synthesizers?

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Effects pedals are on the music market like sand at sea. You can find here super cheap but also very expensive and noble effect devices. After the Yellow Fall Delay surprised me this year, I decided to test again another cheap guitar pedal from the same brand Donner.

The Tutti Love is a very simple and small analog chorus pedal that includes only few knobs. The parameters Level and Depth are controlled by two small black knobs and a bigger one is situated in the middle for the rate of the chorus effect. On the bottom of the interface, you have also a switch for switch on/off (true bypass) the pedal. As usual, you have on the right the side a mono input and on the left side an output. Last but not least, you have on the top, a standard DV-9V input for the power supply. A power supply is not included in the package.


  • Pure Analog chorus effect,clear,gental,plump
  • Whole Aluminium-alloy classic,stable and strong
  • LED indicator shows the working state
  • The HQ pedal switch of nine circuit
  • True bypass provide transparent tone

Build Quality 

The Tutti Love Chorus pedal by Donner has been in use for 4 months now and still works without problems. It’s made of aluminium and doesn’t feel cheap. For the currently recalled price of 26€ (with a discount code), one must say that the pedal is very solid processed and feels good. Sure pedals with a higher price, have an even better build quality but for the asking price, it’s absolute fair. The knobs have also a nice feeling and doesn’t make any problems after 4 months of usage. Also the audio input as well as the output surprised me during the test phase positively. In overall I can say that the build quality is for the asking price perfect and can’t criticise it.

Sound Quality 

As most people know, sound is a matter of taste. Every musician has his own taste here and not everyone love the same thing as the other. Same applies for the Donner Tutti Love Chorus pedal. In my opinion, the Tutti Love is a decent sounding chorus effect. The sound quality is not high-end but good enough to use it with your gear. Sure it’s not comparable or so versatile as pedals from BOSS, Strymon TC Electronic, BOSS but for only 26€, you receive here a nice sounding chorus for your guitar or Synthesizer.

Since the pedal has only one input and output, it’s unfortunately limited to mono signals. I used during the test phase the pedal especially with mono Synthesizers and could convince me here. Especially great works this effect with the Arturia Minibrute / Microbrute and Korg Monologue because these synths doesn’t have any onboard effects. Check out my short demo with the Arturia Microbrute.

On the whole I like the sound quality of this cheap guitar pedal. It doesn’t reach the rich sound from more expensive models but it produces a good-sounding and easy-to-use chorus effect.

My verdict 

Is cheap always bad? For this pedal it’s not the case. For the asking price of 26€ (with a discount), the Donner Tutti Love Analog Chorus is a super simple analog chorus effect, with a good build quality and a decent sound quality. If you search a simple chorus for your mono Synthesizer, this could be a nice add-on for it. If you prefer a more complex chorus effect, I don’t recommend this pedal because it’s very simple and doesn’t offer thousand of different sounds.

Available here: Donner Tutti Love Chorus Pedal

Check out here my video review of it with an additional sound demo

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