Audiothingies Expands The Functionalities Of The Micromonsta Synthesizer – MPE Support, Drone Mode & More

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After the official presentation of the DoubleDrummer drum Synthesizer last week, the French company Audiothingies has another interesting news. This time it’s not a new product but a significant update for their Micromonsta. It’s an 8-voice polyphonic desktop digital Synthesize with 2 oscillators (12 oscillator types + 30 wavetables), 1 sub oscillator, 1 multimode filter (8 filter types), 3 envelopes, 3 LFO’s, 6 modulations slots, powerful arpeggiator, internal effects and storage for up to 384 presets.

The developers adds in the latest firmware update compatibility for the innovative MPE standard. The new implementation allows musicians to use their LinnStrument or ROLI Seaboard directly with the Micromonsta Synthesizer. This opens the door to more expressive ways of composing with this device.

Additional, a new drone mode is now included as well as USB MIDI Input support. USB MIDI Output is coming in a later development stage. Beside this new big features, the developer also adds some good improvements and fixed important bugs.

New in the Micromonsta firmware v.1.1 


  • MPE compatibility (Settings: Channel 1 = common, Channels 2 to 16 = notes, pitch bend set to +- 48 semitones, slide: CC1, relative unipolar or CC74, relative bipolar)
  • USB MIDI input (output still needs some work, currently only knob moves are transmitted)
  • Drone mode (if arp set to off and latch set to on)
  • Master Tune 432 – 445 Hz
  • Microtuning (SYSEX bulk tuning dump MTS support)
  • Long press on Load will set edit buffer to default patch
  • Save menu now displays destination patch name
  • Home/Load screen now shows small icons for chorder, latch (drone) and arp
  • CC7 support
  • SYSEX edit buffer implemented >> SYSEX format updated


  • 24bit output
  • Hotter output
  • More natural sounding pan algorithm
  • Improved encoder algorithm handler (less subject to encoder wear, but double resolution had to go, bye bye double resolution, but encoder life should be way longer) with new acceleration curve
  • Tighter external MIDI clock sync
  • Sustain pedal behavior in mono/legato mode changed (vintage behavior compliant, sustain only latest released note)
  • Added a confirmation screen when saving system settings and manually sending edit buffer SYSEX file to MIDI out

Bug fixes:

  • slightly reworked MIDI map (there was a bug introduced in 1.0.4)

The Firmware update v.1.1.0 is available free of charge for all Audiothingies MicroMonsta owners.

To get an idea how this instruments, check out here the official sound demo from the developer.

More informations here: Audiothingies Micromonsta 

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